Friday, July 3, 2009

Does Love and Fear Mix?

Does love and fear mix? That is the biggest question on my mind tonight. Although, I have a strong feeling that I have the correct answers in my pocket, I still cared to search on for answers to my heart's cry.

Oftentimes, I think of other people committing mistakes. I am the type of person who thinks that we all are vulnerable to temptation, committing mistakes, and hurting (and being hurt with that). I only think that there is a little exception to these flaws.

There is an infinite amount of dangers in the world, I admit I believe. For the world for me is like a tamed jungle who, when your eyes have blinked too long, will bite. It is not the first time that I have experienced worrying about something miserable to happen. Tonight's not one to escape from it. But, tonight, I want to end it.

Tonight, quite strangely, I had this wish that there be a Bible search engine. If there's one, oh what joy and truth there is at the reach of my fingertips. Well, what I did in an attempt to extinguish the shout of fear trying to subdue me is, I looked over on Google with the phrase "does love and fear mix?".

I strongly believe in love and it's power to patch brokenness and strife. I have seen it work in my life and in others close to me. I see it everywhere I look; in the television, in the lives of people around me, in strangers, in my mistakes.

Finally tonight, fortunately, I have indeed found the most credible answer to my question. Does love and fear mix? No. If there is fear, love isn't working fully in you. The mending power of love can't be in full work. What I had to do for love to work is to let go of my fear, and let love.

I am the type of person who doesn't easily believe in something requiring me to yield my principles. I require the sturdiest credibility from everything that requires me to believe when it comes to delicate beliefs in my life like love, faith, and some other values and moral upholding. Despite my lofty standards about my belief, I am lucky enough to have found the most believable answer that I can ever have. I'll share it below:

1 John 4:18 (New King James Version)

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.