Friday, November 19, 2010

Her Hands

Her hands were there, yes, through it all
Both in my flight and in my fall
The warmth they bring just never fails
To touch my heart, my mind, my soul

Her hands, you see, I know from start
When in her womb, in form, at part
Then when I came to see the world
They gave the first beat of my heart

Her hands has to me teardrops brought
The things in life to me she's taught
They did correct to lead me right
In youth, it has no havoc wrought

Her hands, still there, my final days
They carried me, as I man's ways
Man's sins I now nail to the cross
The end, its blaze still at me lays

This poem talks about Mother Mary, and her motherly love for our Lord, Christ Jesus. She was there for Jesus, and was responsible for the growth and guidance that the Son would need while here on earth. Her hands of affection were there for Jesus throughout His life here on earth, and gave Him the loving touch He needed.

While still in her womb, and until the moment the Jesus has opened His eyes here on earth as an innocent little Child and as a man, her hands were there to give Him affection and warmth.

While Jesus was still growing as a child, committing mistakes just like every other boy, trying to learn things, she taught Him the way that a mother would teach her son. Jesus' youth has been directed responsibly by Mary's guidance.

In the final moments of Jesus' before the cross, she was also there to console Him. She carried Him in her arms just like how she did right from the start.

Her hands were there for Jesus from beginning to end, and they will just never let go.

Note: the first person point-of-view is the character of Jesus. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Human vs. Zombie comedy

There was this comedy/idea that popped off my head last night (November 1) that I just had to share. :)

(Zombie trying to creep out the irate human)

Zombie: (makes scary, creepy sounds)
Human: (angry) Get a life!!!

The end. :D

Is Change Evil?

The time today is very different. Change is very evident. But, I have one question: does change mean forgetting what was? Then why do people bend the moral standards of yesterday and reason out "change"?

The world has indeed changed. It is very different. The ones who stick to their morals are now the ones who are being persecuted. The ones who create moral scandals are venerated. When you speak about your distaste or disagreement about an immoral act, you are being thrown hateful words. Seems like the world is turning more and more evil, as it becomes more and more tolerant of wrong-doings.

Is change really evil?