Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bob Ong vs. Juan Tamad

..ang pagmamahal
"parang elevator lang yan e,
bakit mo isisiksik ang srili mo kung wala nang pwesto para sayo...
eh meron namang hagdan, ayaw mo lang pansinin..." -BOB Ong
"mapuno man ang elevator, sigurado namang babalik ito, at darating ang panahon na mkakasakay din ako..." -Juan Tamad


Minsan kaya meron pang pwesto sa elevator. Pwede pang magawan ng paraan. Ang ginagawa ko, lumilipat ako ng floor para ma-catch yung ibang elev. Lol! :p


  1. ang pinga uusapan dito wala ng pwesto sa elevator! abnormal ka nag ppaka literal ka wala nman sa lugar.. batikos ka ng batikos bat di ka kya gumwa ng sarili mung quote di un nkkisakay ka sa byahe ng iba! ampucha!

  2. Anonymous reader,


    I'd like to comment about the details of your reply about this blog of mine. Here are the different illogical points I found about your comment:

    1. You said that the subject here is about running out of elevator space. You also claimed that I was taking it too literally that it was out of place, and that I was misinterpreting the quote. Let me, however, enlighten you about the purpose of my blog. :)

    My blog was about still trying to fit in at the elevator because sometimes we think that the elevator's full when we still can do something about it. Just like how I try to make use of the space that's left of the elevator when I can, because sometimes it's the best thing to do instead of being late.

    It's actually not a literal interpretation, but what it means is that sometimes we think that we aren't loved (we don't have a place in someone else's heart), but if we try to look closer, we'll see that there's still space for us (in other peoples' hearts).

    So, you see, this isn't actually a literal reaction or interpretation. It is actually rooted much deeper. You judged to hastily and you were out of place. I want this blog to be a peaceful one, not a place for your personal revenge.

    Revenge will not do you good in the long run. It tells a lot about how bitter your life is. Please, life has a lot of good things for you. Just look for it and stop clinging to the dark side of your life. Because, if you do, you'll ruin your life and others around you.

    2. You claimed that I'm criticizing the blog (batikos ako ng batikos -- ng wala sa lugar). If you read my blog carefully, it's not about criticizing the quotes. I'm just sharing my own creative reaction to a previously created content, and sharing my own views. That is called CREATIVITY. And, I think everyone will agree (except maybe your friends that you want to back you up) that you're the one who's "batikos ng batikos" 'ng wala naman sa lugar'.

    It is evident that you replied to this blog not out of an intellectual response, but out of an uncontrolled speech rooted in hate. I can't help but wonder why it is so. Probably because your immediate environment has been harsh to you, and wasn't that understanding to you while growing up. Or, you've let your surrounding corrupt you in some ways.

    3. In response to the last line of your reply, I have no problem creating my own quotes. In fact, I blog, quote, and write for my own joy. I write poems that actually win competitions since high school, and I still can if I want to (actually have in my college years). If you'll notice, I rarely post quotes from others because I enjoy writing my own content. Why don't you try that too?

    I just found this simple quote from the net and it was somewhat related to my experiences with elevators in school. I thought to myself that literal things in life can have a deeper interpretation. I guess that was in itself a creative reaction.

    So, that's it. I hope to hear better from you. :)

    Note: I believe that it would be a waste of time to reply to hate-posts, but I guess I should give it a first try. If, however, you'll decide to stay firm with your emotions, you are free to do so and I won't force you into going to good terms with me. If you open your mind, though, it would be my great pleasure. :)

  3. nice.. its not everyday that i see people argue with dignity :)

  4. Ah, were you talking about the comments 'ere? Haha.

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  6. "lumilipat ako ng floor para ma-catch yung ibang elev"

    i think i can compare that to levels or states..
    ex. love, relationships and alike

    if wlang pwesto sa heart nya this time, baka sa susunod meron na
    like pag nasa state na sa pag momove on or what not..

    but i never been in that situation.
    It's just how I understood it.

    Kung literal... maghahagdan na lng ako pero kung sa 50th floor pa ang pupuntahan ko
    try ko next floors bka mag open kung late na ako.
    o baka naman meron pang ibang elevator na pababa na hintayin ko na lang


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