Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Silencing Shall Cease"

Let me share my reply to one of the posts that I received from a Yahoo! Group. Read on below:

"Not everybody knows what's going on. Knowledge is silenced and kept secret from the mass who has the real power so that they won't be able to act for or against a particular popular scheme. I'm quite alarmed at how Journalists are being murdered, abducted, and done gruesome things at so that the real news doesn't even reach the needy ears of everyone around.

Truth is like water. We can try holding it in our hands but it will soon spill and our hands will tire of keeping it from falling. Soon, silencing the truth will be like stopping a raging river with only our hands to do it. These wiles that keep us from knowing will cease and they will be overcome by knowledge itself. Nobody can ever contain the truth for truth is like light. The purpose of light is to shed its beams for people. It is not meant to be hidden or kept under a table. In all the efforts to prevent the spread of knowledge that is originally entitled to everyone, there is an end. The silencing shall cease.

Luke 8:16-17
A Lamp on a Stand

16"No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. 17For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Education and advocacy leads to knowledge." Knowledge used with wisdom leads to solutions to a vast array of needs.

Matthew Sendon

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A Healthy Routine

Need to establish this newly-discovered healthy routine. It's not just the "eat-right", "exercise-daily" routine that I'm talking about. It's about reading newspapers. I'm gonna start doing that now.

I'm not used to reading newspapers because nobody buys them here. However, it joyed me most to think that there are lots of 'em in the library. Haha. :)

I encourage everyone of you, through this simple blog, to start reading newspapers too if you haven't yet. Let's all start being aware of the things around us.

Ciao! :p


I'm supposed to write a longer blog but the thoughts slipped when I did something else. Haha. Anyway, whichever way I send out my message, I still believe that nothing is in vain. ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little Something in Return

People often ignore the tiny but sincere efforts of people around them. They are taken for granted. What if the time comes that these hearty deeds become rare to find? What are you going to do?

Anyway, it's not good to think of it that way. I believe that we should start apreciating the things that others do, be it little or big. That way, we encourage them to go on doing what they do. It's a good thing to make people want to do more good for others than want to do harm because they feel they're not appreciated in the good that they do.

Here are several passages that I've made about appreciating the things that people around us do. They might be rich or poor, strangers or friends, or anybody. The thing is, they helped from their hearts.

In the very little things
To the greatest of deeds
Do I ever gain anything?
Or at least sow seeds?

In my deep concern
And my sincere efforts
Have I obtained nothing?
Are my works of worth?

A man helps a stranger
Not expecting any gain
Even with nothing he tries
Whether there be pain

The suffering move
Their strength they use
Yet we fail to appreciate
Their efforts we abuse

People do good
Yet they are unsure
Shall they be left clueless?
Is there something in store?

A little credit is what it's worth
A little praise and bare concern
A little thank you, do not forget
A little something in return

In Want

In times of longing and deep want, what do you do? You search for answers.

In this short entry, I am going to talk about the answer that I've found. Let me share what it feels like to long and find the One you're looking for.

You are my Keeper
And I shall not experience drought
I believe in You and all You are
Your promises are true

You are my Good Shepherd
I shall not ever be in want
Even at times that I see otherwise
I'll still hold strong onto You

My soul longs, it feels hunger
The only answer is You
Even when it treads the darkness
My desire is to only be with You

These pain and tears are no more
Makes me desire more of You
This life that I have I know you'll secure
I'm glad that I'm found by You

WANTED: Righteous Leaders

WANTED: Righteous Leaders.

REWARD: The beginning of a lifetime of relief and more underlying treasures.

WARNING: If found, report immediately!

Don't think twice in reporting now!

We need these kind of leaders. From the micro-level of daily living to the bigger picture of public governance, we are in great need. However, I don't think that they're merely 'born' as one. I believe that these people are formed. That is where I want to focus on.

Yes, we are in dire need of righteous leaders. We don't really need blameless leaders. Not now. We just need leaders who, in their lifetime of mistakes, have learned from them. We need leaders who are willing to go through the right amount of training. Those who are strong enough to pass from the offer of an immediate chance of success in exchange of integrity.

They're here and I believe it. I just hope that one day, they'll come together and start a foundation strong enough to hold off the present evil wiles, and draw the nation upwards at the same time.

I am a concerned citizen. I don't want to hate living here in the Philippines while I'm growing up. I don't want to change my way of thinking on how much I respect the beauty of my nation. However, if the answer is leaving the pasture that I am in right now to learn more from beyond the horizons, I would be willing to take that kind of path.

I wanna be on a side where I'm not inside and trapped, waiting for somebody to come. Also, not on the outside and not caring at all at what happens, seeing what's happening to my motherland to only look in disgrace and relief for I am out of it. I want to be both inside and out to learn everything I need to and see everything that needs to be seen.

If we see it, the ones who have the most potential to lead are the ones privileged enough to receive handy training from the inside and out [our land], except for an exceptional few. If there are opportunities outside waiting for us to hand-pick them like ripened fruits, why not take them? This is a state of no longer being bound by traditional thinking.

Again, I am opening an invitation to all those who believe that they have leaders inside who are willing enough to be formed as righteous ones. I am waiting for people who are willing to give a part of their life for the good of others. I wish to soon find individuals who are willing to give up their individuality to unite for a common goal. A goal that entails laying down selfish pride and gain to lift the pain of others around them.

The time is at hand that people no longer rely on immediate solutions. The time of bloom is near where the real answers to our crying bellies are no longer hidden from the public eye. This is fruitful leadership. This is service.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Man

People should refrain from pleasing us [unless, of course, they are extremely close to our hearts]. We often hear too nice words from others, but is it the real gain? People may utter praises to us, but in a matter of second, they may take it back and spew everything they've said. That is how men are.

So who can really approve us when we commit deeds that are note-worthy? There is only one Man I know of. The following writings are my expressions of that one.

No man but You can approve me
None else can express my worth
In everything I do and all my success
It's only You that I wait for

The whole world's invisible
As I stand here I feel the vigor
With Your light radiating over me
I know that I'll reach my goal

No matter what people will say
And how they will try to please
Nobody can ever remove
Assured inside, I'm given peace

In all my works, nothing more
Than to You words shall I hold on
In You I know that I am king
I'm protected from them under Your wing