Thursday, November 20, 2014


You are dynamite, I'm a match.
I light a spark, you burn quick.
I turn to ash, you detonate.
Our only fleeting union, a disaster.

Originally found on Twitter: @Matcieou7th

Monday, October 13, 2014


Dark sky
Red embers
Burnt house
Volcanoes erupt

Blinking lights
Outlines of people
Grey smoke
Ashes around

Burn our inside
Hurt our skin
Eat our flesh
Scar our soul

Alcohol in
Fan the flames
Blacken our blood
Poison us slowly

I see the sight
I breathe the fumes
I cringe in pain
I cry for them

Monday, January 6, 2014

Soon Forgotten

You've decided your path some time ago,
And we've somehow parted ways
Yes we still talk with each other,
But our future together now looks unclear
But I am happy, because there's someone new
Filling the place you've left
I may not have the moments I shared with you
With who I have right now
But it is compensated with the "present" I have
As well as the potential of a future
I am unsure of what tomorrow holds, though
But this is going good, at least for now
I think the important thing is
What I now have, while it lasts
I don't know what lasts forever anyway,
And I cannot see the future
Finally, I am thankful
That you will be soon forgotten

Labels: moving on, new, relationships, love, past, present, future, forever