Friday, November 27, 2009

As Close As This (Konna ni chikaku de)

This is my translation of the song "Konna ni chikaku de...". Can't stop listening to it. Sooo nice. ;)

"Konna ni chikaku de" (こんなに近くで) is the Sound Track of Nodame Cantabile (yes, I watched and liked it, hehehe). I think it was played towards the end of the story. It was sang by Crystal Kay. Nice!!!

As Close As This

My translation of "Konna ni chikaku de"

I realized that love was this hard

The night I got right next to you

Because I know you more

Than anyone else does

Your casual kindness to me

Makes my chest feel tight

As close as this, as close as this is how I look at you

Why is it, why is it that we are just mere friends?

No matter how, no matter how strongly I feel for you

They just don't come to you, you don't understand

I'm so in love with you

And the moment you asked me,

"Are you alright?"

With a yawn I hide the tears and say,

"Maybe I need more sleep?", is my excuse

And now I find that I always lie

To the most important person in my life

And everyday, everyday because of this aching heart

There is just so many, so many sleepless nights

So let's start, let's start to bring back how we first met that day

If we could turn back time, it would be much better that way

I'm so in love with you

For I know that if I told you "I LOVE YOU"

We might not smile anymore like the way we used to

But I can't stay as your friend like this any further

Nor force my smile to last much longer

Honestly, honestly I loved you all this time

I always have, always have loved you

And to you, to you I want to send my feelings

That I whisper towards the blue sky

I'm so in love with you