Monday, December 31, 2007

We Just Don't Know

We just don't know
And so the fruitful sorrow
Seems like it lasts forever
It runs fast like a river

We just don't know
But truth'll keep it slow
Tune readily your ear
Then you'll never see it near

We just don't know
But does it really show?
We should stop our ignorance
Give the world a glance

We just don't know
But do we really grow
Will history repeat
Can't we stand up on our feet?

We just don't know
Now we're fired with arrows
When'll we wake?
Hope today we'll take the break

Writer's notes: We often make excuses that "we did not know" and we thought it would exclude us from responisibilities and accountabilities, but does it really do that?

We also have the responsibility to KNOW...

Questions and Uncertainty

We don't know who we are
We still are not aware
Of the things that we can do
Truth lies inside of me and you

You hold the secret key
And you possess the ability
You can set this town on fire
Should you run out of that desire?

This ground needs transformation
That you accept your mission
To give them open hands
And forever change the land

The time has come to unleash that voice
We don't have the luxuries or such choice
But to be who we were meant to be
Til that, we'll fulfill our destiny

Fight these questions and uncertainty
Imbue your heart with unending energy
Silence mouths that speak you ill
Do not stop till raging waters be still

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Gift for Christmas and beyond

The best Christmas gift I could ever give
Is to make someone's cold season
The warmest and the happiest...

Full Moon

The moon is nice tonight, it shows a brighter light than before.

I just got home from a Christmas Party. It was again my usual get-to-home trip where you'll get to pass through the dark woods of the village south or behind of hours. It was a dark, silent and creepy, lightly populated, developing ville in our vicinity. But, tonight, something's unusual. The road was unusually really light and the view is quite unfamiliar to my eyes. It was actually pleasant to the eyes, and it has never been before witnessed by my own two windows. It was like I was walking in a city of lightened silence and serenity, like I was covered with safety and security. I stopped a moment to look up beside me, trying to see if there were any street lights present, yet there were none. I looked up more and began to see wonder upon seeing the light-bearer at that time -- it was the moon. That time, it was really round and could be clearly seen. The place, being slightly empty yet filled with trees made it look more beautiful. The clouds beside it added to its even-before outstanding beauty. I rested myself for a while to gaze upon the beauty of that source of light above me. I enjoyed the scene, every second of it, wishing there was much time than I had to look at it, and also wishing that it was as safe as how I felt it was because of the unusually well-lighted surroundings...

I began to walk again and my brother picked me up. We went home. I unwinded and looked at the things that were in my bag and I began to put out the book I received from the exchange-gift we had. It was a Novel from Stephen King. I honestly don't read novels and books such as those, but this time, something's unusual -- I feel the beauty of reading it.

There's something changing -- actually, there's a lot that doesn't even cover this entry... I'm open -- I might taste defeat or victory, but I just want to learn... This is such a nice way to end the night... Wish I had the privilege to capture an image of the moon that time... How I wish I could've...

These are similar images of the sight. Have a wonderful life, everyone...

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I want to return what to me has been given...
I didn't realize until now...
Should've had since before...
But, time cannot be undone...
I. T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Oh I love gravity
Cos it made you fall for me
And I love the way it draws you
Back to me endlessly

Oh I love magnetics
Explains how you drew near me
And I love the way it strongly
Binds our two bodies

Oh I love biology
Teaching me what I need to know
How you're different than I
Yet, we share the same big heart

I have all I need to know
Everything's around me
With you being here beside me
It completes my entity

Oh I love chemistry
Cos it makes me this much crazy
Because of the thought that I
Have you here with me

And oh I love candies
Cos it taught me what is sweet
Yet today I found something new (It's you)
Who showed me love that's true...

Writer's notes: I LOVE GRAVITY since before cos it tells me a lot! It's about time that I write something about it, hehehe... It's the science, bro, all over the world, that testifies for love! Woot-hoot! Yeah! Hehehe...

I ended this one with something as simple as candies, something kids are much familiar with... In the end, Love's just like that, it's so simple that it completes and satsifies you and you won't be left empty-handed... Hehehe! :)


It's amazing how David makes a giant fall
It's amazing how you're in my arms after all
It's wonderful how miracles can happen in a day
It's wonderful how you're by my side to stay

I never thought it would be this way
I never thought we'd be one today
You were from the worlds apart, but
You showed me that love doesn't work like that

You showed me how miracles are true
You showed me that the clouds were blue
The day that the tower'ng giant fell
You taught how I can cast such spell

It's real odd that you're for real
It's real odd that you're to me this near
I thought it impossible that this day happen
Now I look stupid, I'm in your heaven

It's toxic how I smile thinking of you
It's toxic how I cry yet am over being blue
Cos you make my day bright
You brought into my life clear light (you're my delight)

In the end of the day, we're together
In the end of the day, things are much better
Fairy tales are such a tool
That made me today such a fool *blush*

Writer's notes: I wish to emphasize throught this work how love is a miracle... We can't dictate how love works, it is beyond the impossible... Love does the unexpected, it is the most powerful thing ever... As simple as that :)

This one says that a little David can make even a giant fall... That's how love is... You'll never know when and how it'll hit you. No matter how impossible you think that the two of you won't ever meet as hearts, there in the end will you be wronged. No matter how small, unimportant and unseen you think you are, in the end, her eyes still will fall for you... That's some way love works! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Wanna Be Your Man

I wanna be your man
Who's gonna cover you all up
And hug you on a cold night
To protect you from harm

I wanna be your man
Who's not gonna run out of lovin'
And wipe away your tears
When you're sad and alone

There you'll know
You'll see how I see you
That you're precious
And you're a diamond in my eyes

I wanna be your man
Who's gonna stand up and fight
That behind me you'll watch
In the safest state ever

Because you are beautiful
Beyond what is physical
And now you have captured
My whole heart

Right now I am really trapped
Yet I know that I am free
I love you with my heart
Know always, here you have me

Writer's note: this is an ode written to say that, "I am here and I will protect you", oftentimes even saying, "no matter what the cost, I'll be there". That's how our minds work when we're probably in love. We say crazy things. We say the seemingly impossible, yet we see it as a piece-of-cake.

This is just to say how I want to be there for someone whoever that might be at present, past or future. Hehe... Ala lang! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beautiful in Your Eyes

I'll believe I'm beautiful
If only you say so
And when that happens
Nothing else matters

The only thing that I
Wanna look beautiful to
Is someone dear to me
Someone like you

You alone complete me
Nothing else matters
I miss you sitting beside me
And the hug that your body hungers

I thought before songs were untrue
But then I found it's real
Only the moment I met you
Now it's funny how it makes me feel

It's like your words alone exist
And your lips is the only language
The only knowledge there is
Now I know, you're love's whole package

I'm at my best today
And the only thing that I need to do is
To look beautiful in your eyes and say
Forever marked within me is your kiss

Writer's notes: What's important in the end is if that someone we love says and sees that we are beautiful. We do not need to be beautiful in the sight of others. The only thing that really matters in the end is that the people around our real lives appreciate us, not what others that we do not even know of or aren't really attached to our lives says so. Let us believe in that and let it be an anchor of our faith in ourselves.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Love like Candy

Love is like bubble gum
And cream at the same time
It's like candy but
Doesn't destroy your teeth

It's sweeter than any sweets
And lovelier than any flower
It's jollier than any kids
And loftier than any tower

Love is like mallows
But doesn't melt down
It's a never-ending candy
That would erase your frown

I've found love like candy
It's sweet yet inexpensive
Luxurious yet free
Turning every doubter to believe

It's stronger than wine
But runs down softer inside
It's more important than gold mines
Love is life's never-ending ride

I still taste it in my mouth
The after-taste lasts
I wouldn't trade it for any other candy
Love is like sugar's tasty blast

Writer's notes: Ang mushy no? Hehe... Well, tama nga naman, ganyan ang love. Please do note the 2nd to the last stanza. It says that love is stronger than wine. It is more 'intoxicating' than wine, but it gives you a soft feeling inside in contrast to alcoholic beverages. That's just it, hehehe... Parang candy no? (Just like candy Ü)