Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Ordinary Love

As long as it's just ordinary love
As long as we don't learn
As long as we remain
Who we are, just the same

There won't be real love
And we miss a lot
We miss the chance to have
That life-long kind of love

Let's not let it hurt
Till we start to learn
Let's not be this dumb
Till we grow the same, just as numb

Let's love right
Let's learn from [t]His life
So that in the end
We know how it feels like

Let us not love
With [just] an Ordinary love

You won't find it in me
Nor in the way that you love me
It's no different than ordinary love
But His' is not the same

You won't find it this way
That you've done the same before
It's a different experience everyday
Like nothing ever dared compare

It's not just in the streets
Nor could you find it here
But It will find you there
Only have you wait

Take your time to learn
Your precious time to wait
You still have a lot in life to know
Let it teach you, let it grow

Till it find you there
After searching everywhere
To rest itself again
In a room you've left to spare


Jesus, I don't know what to do
Nor know where I should go
For I am trapped alone
And I am cornered in this shore

I am responsible for this
And I'm to be blamed
I simply cannot boast
Of anything I did

I knew then but I still
Went on turning my ear
But now I am aware
I'm sorry I've [gone] astray

Save me, Jesus, here
From this mess I'm in
This mess I've done and
This mess that I can't clean

You have that flow alone
Of living well I need
To cleanse me, my whole soul
And quench my thirst and fear

Save me, Jesus, cos I can't
When I've sunk in this puzzle's wave
And have nothing left to say
But Jesus, Your name that saves

But You can wash it all away
You can make me new again
You've that power in Your name
When You died and rose again

I call out again
Hoping and not failing
To believe I am
Already answered as I pray


In a dark cold night
Of tears and silence, dust
In a closed room of
Muted squeals of pain

Where no one else exists
Except a pillow, You
Where no one's there to hug
And no one's there for you

Tis' one friend left
One without a breath
But will carry you
The night of stars and blue

When you badly need that hug
But no one's there for you
There it would be
Still waiting, left for you

No matter how tight
Or you press on it so cruel
Would it never try react
It's just a simple tool

A pillow's a dear friend
There when you're in need
When you're all alone it is
By your side, will give you peace

To guide you in your sleep
And sponge up all your tears
Is just a deed it do
It's always there for you


I needed to wake up for this series of blog entries. Hehe. I finished at 1:00 am exactly! Woah! At least I preserved the thoughts, and it helped relax my buzzy mind. :)

Read on. The one before this post, and the few succeeding (3) entries are the ones that I did (typing it right away from bed).


I've slept so late again. :) But it's okay, it paid off :)

Back in Your Arms

I have now come back
To the original arms of love
Where You have found I
In a night filled with stars

I've fallen back again
And I will ever be
Till I return to where
I belong, where I don't fear (It's unto thee)

And I have realized
That I am always wrong
If I try to run away
Cos in Your arm's where I belong

I am glad that though
I've fallen this much low
It's in you I've land
And I am on safe ground

I've known this always
In Your arm's where I am safe
And I am much more sure
That It'll be my resting place

It will never really end
How bad I want to say
For I am in deep awe
In Your arm's where I belong

Knowing this one thing
That if I ever dream
In my nightmare you'd be there
And rescue me again

It's the safest arms that I
Have ever known and is
But, though I am afar
It's in You I'll still belong

Friday, September 28, 2007


As I reach you
And as I get near
I lose more and more of me
Til I've nothing left

You are a flame
And Your fire's ablaze
And if I'd get near
I've no choice but burn

Burn me, burn it all away
Form me, til I am as glass
And radiate Your light through me
By Your fire I am refined

You have burned all
Leaving no trace of me
You have consumed me
Til I've nothing left

I was covered with thorns
And it concealed the stone
I'd either escape the burn
But I'd rather turn to gold

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Broken Lines

I am all messed up
With these broken lines
I am thorned and
My insides do hurt

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Endless confusion appears
Brought by these broken lines
And I do not have the solution
For they point out to destruction

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Will you not stop this
Mess and turn it into bliss
Will you not choose real joy
Than to hide behind these toys?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm fed up and tired
Of everyday believing
The lies that you drew
From beginning when you knew me

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Heaven is waiting
I am too, for so long
To revive from this mess
That you've brought from the start

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Re-draw these broken lines
Make a new one
This time, point it up
Do it right this time

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I wanna wake up again
Cos this seems all like a dream
Let's make a start again
This time without any lines

Losing You

I'd prefer to lose
The game than to choose
Something worse like to lose
Someone like you

It'd feel like thorns in my heart
And a big rock on my back
To feel something like this
If I'm losing you

I would never want to lose you
Nor ever say goodbye
But if I ever do
I'd be thankful I found you

I'm not willing to lose you
Nor try to loose grip
But if they'll ever take you
My heart please, bring with you

I won't lose you
Cos you'll take me with you
That wherever you'll go
I'd be there ever with you

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Empty Me

You looked inside my heart
And You see a lot of crowd
You want a place inside but
This place is filled with cloud

This room is all messed up
Want to pick up all the trash
I want to fix it all up
But I [just] don't know where to start

I want to let You in
But there's no more room that's left
I will dispose my trash
Cos I want you here inside

I didn't want Your help
Cos I thought I'd do it all
But You told different
And You took me in Your hold

I have lost control
It only gets worse
Empty me today
And fill me like a purse

So that I could follow You
And bear what You bore
Knowing this one Truth
That You did it all before

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fool from the Stars

You belong to the sky
You are a bright shining star
You may bring beauty in the night
But you are fallen from above

You speak beauty
You show love
You display wisdom
But only just in form

You fly up the sky
Reaching such great heights
You showcase yourself to all
But you crash down the base

You are a fool from the stars
You look good in your mistakes
You look all that beautiful
But your feet are of the dust

You have tried thousand times
And you have failed all the more
All these just points to one truth
That you shouldn't try anymore

You have forgotten the faith
You were a fool from the stars
But you remembered
You trust Him once again

You're still beautiful
You look good in His eyes
And you belong to Him
You little fool from the stars

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bright Morning Star

When I wake up and see that light
That bright morning Star
I recieve the joy
And that hope that I'm looking for

When I wake another day
And breathe in air
I feel I am healed
All my scars are gone

I rise again from deep slumber
And gleeming rays blinds my sight
It enters deep making me remember
How you have healed me by Your light

Everything's new I can strongly say
Giving me strength throughout the day
And when I feel weak Your hands You stretch
Once again I am saved

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fix Me

I thought I could get over you
But I'm still crying
Looking back over the times
That we were in the best terms ever

It can't stop till I get the answers
To the questions I ask all day long
And the reason why
All of this is happening

But yet I believe
It won't end that way
Or at least it's not the last of it
And that things would get fixed anyway

Fix me, please help me
I pray may You give me more strength
And when I can't do it anymore
Please take over

Cos I know and I believe
That it won't end that way
In you I'll have my last breath
And You'll carry me onto tomorrow

Let me see the sunshine again
Bright on my face
That light rejuvinating my inside
And has given my soul new life

This is goodbye
And hi at the same time