Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Centerstage (an Explosive event!)

This is definitely one of the nice events that De La Salle University - DasmariƱas hosted. Galing talaga. We're on track and we still have a lot to learn. :)

I really enjoyed the night and the "sights" (you'd know what I'm saying if you were there too, haha, lol!) and the sounds. But, much better of the two is the "sights" pa din. Ahaha. :p Too bad, la ako camera to capture those "sights" that I so gladly talk about! :p

Galing ng mga dancers, start pa lang sa Pointes (na first time ko napanood ng Live Performance, galing nila!) at ang Lasallian Pop Band na umaarangkada din naman sa galing. But (yep, there is a but!!!), I've seen way much better. Hehe. Was good, but there was just indeniably so much better. Hehe. (Remember Jessica? The, like, 10-year old ata kiddo?, haha! Hands down pa din). Pero, still, worth it pa din naman yung show, and they all did good or greatto. :p

The singers and contestants were great. I appreciate it that, though, some performed with pitchy, scratchy and nervous voices, they were there and they had fun. Uh, nope. I need to correct that. They entertained us, aside from they just having fun up there.

To share na din sa inyo, I was a bit privileged to be able to seat near the stage for a cheaper price. Tapos may connections pa sa events spearheaders (CIH, galing ng event na ito!!! Bwahaha, draculan/evil-laughter para sa kanilang nang-ahas na hindi umattend at sinayang ang pagkakataong makapunta sa isang hindi maikukumparang event na tulad nito!!! Bwahaha ulit! Hehe. Lol.), which made me really lucky, or I'd rather say, blessed.

The dancers were much more entertaining than the singers, for me. Kasi ndi ko kaya yun eh. All of your senses will be involved while watching eh. You're skin tingles, hair stands, heart beats with the strong bass-beat, and your eyes feast on that wonderful and gracious movements in front (not to mention your ear's subtle amusement of the sounds going with the beat). Spectacular. Swerte talaga malapit yung place na naupuan ko! Thank you ate Karen, President of CIHSC and iba pa!!! Thank you for allowing me to seat with you sa row na yun! :p

Everything was nice. Almost perfect. Perfectly human, that is! Perfect enough for us, forerunners, sa ganitong event. A bit blurry vision from the emcee, a bit pitchy voice of a nervous singer, and so on and so on. But everything still failed not to be perfect. :)

This one is really nice. Dami ko din natutunan sa event na 'to. In the middle of the event, of the show, I had the chance to reflect that my being there is different and was actually a blessing. I enjoyed the time instead of being the same old Matthew who used to do boring and repetitive things, learning just another extension of what I already know. Haha.

Uh-oh, right now my head is beginning to feel light and dizzy na. Haha. Hilo at antok nako. Wait! Di pa pala ako nakakapag-dinner!

As I finish out this blog, I just have a few words to say: "don't tell me you want out of this, don't say goodbye this can't be it cos it's not worth it!" (Note: yan po ang exactong lines ng kantang pinakikinggan ko right now, hahaha. :p) Geh, see you (myself around in the mirror? wahaha!) :p



Kuya Gelo, hehehe... Yep, ganda nga. Hahaha. Kuya Abet, mainit na labanan! Hahaha. :) Galing nilang lahat! ;)

Am I Made a Liar?

It's hard when you're the only witness
To a fault that somebody committed
Nobody else knows and yet they conclude
They've seen nothing yet they intrude

It's difficult when they talk and mock
Like you're being pushed against a rock
You don't know wether you should even fight
Or let them harm you though it ain't right

It turns out to be, I'm the villain
The tables turned, my hands bear stain
It can't be avoided, I'm the star
I ask then, "am I made a liar?"

But sometimes you just gotta talk
You're strong and you've feet to walk
It need not be a battle
Just to state your case is all that matters

Let's all accept that we do get angry
So it is, let's not prolong the story
Right the things that we could right
Forgive, forget, then you'll feel light

Noteys: hehe... Unfair kasi eh... At last, nasabi ko na din! Kasi, parang one-sided story talaga. You gotta defend yourself talaga at times when you need to. Simply clarify things. Tapos. Minsan we just get angry, we're just human. Pero, forgive pa rin, correct what can be corrected, and forget. :) Hehe...

But, I really had a question na "am I made a liar because they said so?" Parang it's like you'd just want to believe what they're saying against you even if it ain't true and lose na lang? It's not about losing anyway. It's about justice. :( parang wala nang justice so you just agree with the situation na lang ba? Pero, if you speak up, it's not always the best thing to do in every case. Depende pa rin yan. There are times that you just need to keep quiet. Mas okay pa rin if you're the type of person who can keep it all up inside. Hehe. Hmmmm, ma-try kaya next time? Pero regarding the things that you should say, never hesitate. As long as with respect and integrity. Hehe. I've learned a lot from the experience.

God bless! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008


You promise me
That you won't do this anymore
You go and tell me
That all this, no more

Take it from this moment
When you're strong
Say it from the heart
Cos this won't last long

You promise me
With words that bind us
You go and tell me
That no one will stop us

You gotta be strong
Cos I draw my breath from you
We won't stay here this long
Cos we have our rescue

Now prepare
Cos you will fly
Don't ever stare
Behind to the lies

Let's run away
While their eyes are still at slumber
I'm not gonna stay
Cos my home is out there

Promise me again
Hold my hand and say
Tell me under the rain
That [forever] you'll stay this way

Simple notes: Capture the moment, say your promise. You're strong for some reason -- and that is for you to use it. We're not always strong, yet we're not always weak. Take the chance you get that you're at your best. It is a gift, it is grace.

Even if life's not all perfect, at least you've done the most of what can be done at times when you can do something...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

(Ode to) The Blind

I sit and talk a little
There is silence in my eyes
I walk and feel a lot
There is darkness all around

I never knew what I
Look like and [how I] appear to be
I'd love to enjoy colors too
Yet I just wasn't gifted to see

But deep inside I know
That I am blessed beyond my sight
My world's a little different yet
I've more of what others do not

It has never been comfortable
To accept my uncommon state
Still it ain't hard to see
The gift ingrained inside

I know I might be blind
But care to see much more
This is just a physical state
Much lesser than the real

I have a lot inside
Sees things that not all see
And now I thank [my] God
Who wonderf'lly formed me

My notes:

I had this in mind when I once was in a jeepney boarded with a number of blind men and women.

One evening, as I entered the crowded jeep, I signaled to a man to please move for a little space. I asked the two ladies beside him to move a little too. When the jeepney's engine finally started, only then did I realize that the man who seemed to ignore me when I signalled him was a blind man. I also noticed that there was not only one, but several blind individuals there. With that in mind, I began to forget the change that I was supposed to recieve. But, it was too late...

There I tried to formulate something for these blind men and women around me. I felt something different for them -- their blessedness even in their state. Even though they're different, they have something that we, people who have the gift of sight, do not.

Hope you like it! :)