Wednesday, October 31, 2007


They spring with beauty in full view
Like words indescribable, they are splayed
They give their all in what they do
It warms my heart as I see [them] sashay

This beautiful scenery cannot be compared
In any event, I've seen no such array
A momentous oblivion to be able to comprehend
Such beauty, such wonder in its special display

On a stage I watch as they expose
I see them move, they're doing ballet
Even though I can't move much like those
I cannot stop but with them, too, sway

Let us appreciate true work of art
Let's not forget to praise such a deed
Every element present, might, soul and heart
An art incomparable, great art indeed

Writer's notes: At last, I've discovered appreciation for this beautiful art called dancing. I've overcome a bar of disliking the art of dancing. It started to bloom when I had a very nice talk with Andrei while having meryenda/lunch in Chowking. We had a great talk talaga. Hehe. I shared my insights and also let him just talk lang about dancing and a few other stuff. I just let him express his reasons or internal outlook on dancing, and I just let it sink inside me de eply. And yeah, it seeped down through my veins. :) It worked well -- a success!

He showed me the dance video of Pointes N Flexes Dance Company, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas' institutional dancers. They performed for the Anlene dance event -- truly, a great honour. :) It was an awesome parade talaga. Galing, my eyes really bounced in admiration and real awe. Ayun, galing nila hehehehe. Now I really wanna learn to dance! Hehehe... :)

Puyatan Session

Sobra! Ahaha puyat talaga pero may ENERGY pa? Dami kasi kinain nung dinner eh! Hehe!

Am still awake, it's 1:22 AM na in the morning, and doesn't feel sleepy at all. Here, I decided to blog-record-journalize this thingy/happening/present event. Hehe...

I've a lot of thoughts inside... Wanna express them... Haayyy buhay :c hehe

Night everyone! (I'm talking to nobody but air) hahaha :p

Buzzing out! ENERGY offline! :p

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I've come to think of it..."

I've come to think of it, I've done (4) four blog posts today! Whew!

I've been in front of this laptop for hours already, only taking a few whiles of rest in between. I still am not finished doing something else important. Distracted. A lot. BTW, I've composed a song, a nice try, it was. Ahahaha. There are a lot of thoughts! :P

Just nothin' ahahaha ;p xoxoxoxox

Evolution or Adaptation?

Some scientists claim that evolution is true but these inferences still remain as questions, still unresolved and unanswered. I, for one, have questions of my own.

It is still a question why there are still existing monkeys today if claims say that we came from monkeys or apes. Wouldn't they have evolved? Aren't all species today survivors? And to survive, they must evolve right?

Speaking of survival, why are there extinct species today? And the dinosaurs, why are they dead? Wasn't there creation after calamities in the past? And talking about extinct species again, why didn't they just evolve into other beings instead of being extinct. Now, only bones and dust is what's left of them.

Is Evolution really the right explanation? Or is it Adaptation? If we look on the real picture and the world today, there's this thing called 'race'.

We can relate the attributes of having a 'race' in the animal world, too. There are variety of kinds of animals that belong to a similar group. And if we dig on it more, we can see that their differences are connected to whatever places they came from. For example, dogs: go to siberia and you'll find siberian huskeys. Go to china and you'll find a different one. The only thing today is 'importing', that's why we have the luxury of seeing various breeds locally. People before invented/discovered trading.

Speaking of trading, people also used to 'trade' not just material things and/or animals. They started 'trading' people too. This is also called as a thing named 'migration'.

Adaptation is one of the basics of genetics, probably. I remember an example in the Bible during the time of Lot and Abraham. There was this seperation of lands and properties and one party wanted to take a portion of the good 'unspotted' sheeps. It is actually amazing how intelligent people were before. It just shows that science existed time before and it not only exists. It co-exists with Biblical truths and reality. One party (I think it was Lot) gathered the sheeps and mated them in front of a 'striped piece of wood or object' and they bore 'striped' offsprings. To cut the story short, it just shows simple genetics. Let us combine that genetics to one aspect -- our locations.

There are different climates, atmospheres and environments in different places. Thus, the need for different bodies, containers, etc. The need to adapt. I am not a scientist nor a biologist so excuse my limited terms and ways of expressions in this kind of stuff. Africa is a generally hot place, and people there have dark skin -- lots of melanin to protect them from the sun. Americas, Europe, Other northern Asia, etcetera are cold places. People there have white skin, lesser melanin -- adaptible to the cooler weather. And I could state all other countries too. This is, I think, a result of adaptation. Lots of years, maybe thousands, or more. I cannot give figures. But, this formed differences in characteristics of humans -- but they all still remain as humans apparently.

I remember the story of the Tower of Babel from the Bible. It was a historical event where different languages started. It is a symbolic sign of the beginning of different races too. Babel might be a whole era, not just a short succession of years.

There are a lot other factors too that have solid basis. Adaptation is a very apparent thing, much ingored by scientists and researchers. Evolution is more like a myth, fiction, from nowhere created by modern man. To think of it, ancient people might be more intelligent that today's men. We might have technology, but they might have Atlantis and a whole lot more. Ancients are great. They are a mystery.

I dunno how to end this blog ahahaha :p I'll just end it here! I still have something to finish waahh ahahaha xoxox

Eating with Others and Appetite

I enjoy eating with the people I treasure. Maybe it's what gives me the appetite, (and also lose it other times). The sound feeling of 'eating time' with special people around you definitely boosts ourselves.

At times, I really have a hard time eating when there's people around. I don't know. Maybe because my mind is on them and not on the food I'm eating. I really struggle to finish my plate.

I hope that as I say this, I empty msyelf of this feeling, this experience. Maybe I just need to release this. After this, I promise that I am going to see things way different than I view them today. Maybe it's what causes me to lose appetite. I'll just ignore too much detail and let things the way they are -- and of course, do the things that I should.

Have a happy eating time! (Good thing this dinner time, I ate tons ahaha Ü) Bon appétit! :p

An Afterglow

I am on an afterglow
Oh yes, you see I am
I am on a struggle to
Keep this fire, this burn

Encompassing feelings
Are they just like those?
Or are they so much more
Than [just] lessons that we learn?

The test is on the afterglow
If you'd keep the flame ablaze
The real battle begins
When we reach the end

C'mon now let us fight
With torches as our light
Keeping our insides ever bright
Let it radiate all on sight

Let us keep this inferno burning
Rising evermore
Until we spark on everything
And light up all the world

~this is actually an afterglow reflection of the recently held BUTIL Lasalyano. Keep the energy! Don't be fooled by our sight! Believe in ourselves and do not fail to trust in what we can do and what we were equipped with. ENERGY! God bless! :)

A Simple Smile

I will keep that glow, that grin on my face
And stand firm on the strength that I know I possess
'Cos I know it'll tear my world into pieces [anyway]
If I let this fear consume my happiness

I'll refuse to believe that now you might be gone
And hold on to the things that you've done
Let me hold my breath to be able to run [after you]
On this path of torns, scorched by the sun

A simple smile might be your solution
That'd save you out of your own distraction
I pray that you'd see 'round all the beautiful creation
And with my last breath I'd give you [my] full passion

I might be crying now, so you might see
But I know after a moment, from that sorrow I'm free
I will try to forget all my misery
I'll do what I do best, I know then you'll remember me

So don't you forget to give a simple smile
To everyone you might meet on the road
Though they be strangers you've met on the isle
Flash that smile, you'd ease down their load

Writer's notes:

For the 1st part: it says there that I'll decide to keep my smile, my energy, the glow inside me, and the strength in me and I'll decide not to be affected by the things around me. I should believe in myself and the stregth in me. They'd put me down anyway and my world will fall into pieces if I entertain those destructive thoughts.

For the 2nd part: It's for someone that you love or cherish or someone dear to you (special to you). Don't believe that they're gone. Don't let your eyes fool you. Have eyes of faith, but always tune in to the Lord (or to God) so that He'd give you direction. He'll inform you of the things you've done wrong and send you back to the track. Believe in the good things that were done. Also, sometimes, we must hold our breath to bear the pains and the stressful or difficult situations that we're going through. Soon, we'll realize that we've gone beyond that tribulation, that difficult road. You'd realize you're far ahead na pala. :)

For the 3rd part: Sometimes, we just need to 'smile it all away' and we'd get through. Smiling at times gives strength. It's a radiation of what's inside you, the energy within you. Let it glow. In the end, you'd be able to appreciate the things around you and be able to give your all in what you do and are supposed to do. :)

For the 4th part: Just read on na lang hehehe. Basta, tinatamad nako i-explain eh. Hehe. Maybe next time na lang. :p kulet!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Smoking is not a sign of maturity. Most adults are non-smokers. Many who do smoke wish they'd never started. Real maturity means standing up to social pressure.

Just a tip, guys. Smoking is a struggle, but it can be overcome.


*American Cancer Society

*What You Need to Know: Younger
Students Still Smoking"


STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT, you're too precious and fragile, you're life and body's more than just valuable. Discover your strengths, believe in yourself, do not waste what you are given -- there are people who wish they had the strength and the same health
that you have...

This is a personal choice, this is your own decision. But, in any struggle that you would have, do not forget people around you who are willing to be there by your side to share that struggle, and share the weight. You do not need to lift all the burdens all by yourself. We're always here to listen.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Fail Remember

I always look down-up
So I won't fail-remember
I don't miss the details and
The good there was forever

I don't want me to forget
Lives I've met before
Names and smiles we've shared
Even tears and laughters on the floor

If I ever do forget your name
When in time we ever meet
Just holler up on me
I'd greet you on the street

Inside I fully know
I've met you time before
Just you wait till I recover
Your name from my stash of slumber

You possess distinction
I know the inside-connection
You've marked something inside
Forever in me It'll reside

A Friend Who Loves

I'm a friend who loves
Who cares for just the same
At times that you forget
Where you are, just call my name

When at times that you doubt if
Anyone loves you, here am I
No matter how it's hard
To make you know, I'll sacrifice

I'll prove it just you stop
Till your tears now pause to drop
Though there's nothing in return
But see your smile begin to churn

I'll treasure you forever
Though may name you might not remember
What matters is that I've
Been there even for a while...


It's been a sunny day, though
It's been rainin all around
Nothing seems wrong
Everything's alright

And without notice you released
Blades of venom to entrap
When one moment you arrived
My whole being now collide

You see I am crippled
By the words that you've aired
I am devastated, but
I know you wouldn't care

Will I choose to surrender
And give in to the lies?
Or choose not to be so tender
But stand up, yes, arise

I've healed my hands, and I
Chose not to be mesmerized
Who are you anyway to
Dictate what I am about

But I don't blame you
'Bout anything you've done
This is my fight, and
I'd be strong and just as hard

Time to move on and
Heal my crippled limbs
If I ever lose my feet
I still have my arms to move

Under Your Feet

As long as I don't stop dwelling under your feet
As long as I remain just down there on my knees
As long as I don't believe in my own ability
But only see the strength of others, I will fail

I wouldn't discover the beauty of this life
I wouldn't know the gifts that I have [that are mine]
I wouldn't be able to go on any further
Nor be able to finish the race that I'm

We were made to discover who we are, not just others
It's high time for us to believe also in ourselves
Why don't we start to trust in what we can do
Soon we will realize that this world's full of life

If we draw in strength from the inside of our hearts
We'll be able to help not just others, also us
Just see the gifts and talents there may be
And don't ever lose grip, believe what you see

You are here for a reason, you have something to return
Do not ever betray yourself or ever be ashamed
If ever you forget your purpose in this race
Remember always that you also own a name

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I know you feel unsatisfied
I do not ask you why
You should have known already
What you have just wouldn't last

You've done the same before
Don't you ever wonder why?
You've been in the same place as you were, yet
You've never reached beyond

Look what you have today
Reflect just for a while
It's time to choose some other way
Ain't it enough to change your style?

Change is knocking
Offering you a chance
To start your life anew
And render a new glance

It has given me the same
Though I've fallen lots
Do not waste it and please learn
In the end you'll long it's touch


Ripples from the rain
Makes it okay
Small waves that they make
Make me forget all the pain

A still gaze of silence
The absence of motion
Except a drop from nowhere
Making all the notion

It stills my heart
Reminds me to breathe
And catch a glimpse
Of what made that mist

Shower over all of me
Wash away the uncertainty
Sprinkle in my eyes
And quench my thirst for sanity

I forget my cares
I begin to hear the sounds
I now fix my stare
See the beauty all around

I might have lost my soul
But only for a while
Makes me see daylight
Wake up and make things right


I've heard rumors
I've heard whipsers
But I won't be moved
I'll stand in place

People have daunted me
Telling harsh words
Will I choose to believe it
And sway from my goal?

We're all in this struggle
I know I'm not alone
Let's all stand together
That no-one might fall

It's been until today
That you've all been there
All your hands at grasp
Still holding each other's

Though some are first
And some are behind
Nobody's left
Nobody's gone

I see clearly
We've cared for everybody
Just proves something
That each one's strong

I'll always remember
All our hands together
That no one let go
Till today it's there

Let's not be confounded
By life's ill whispers
Believe in ourselves
Press on to our goal

We are here for each other
We are never alone
Our hearts are joined together
We're many yet one

When you hear life's whisper
And hear her stop you
Just you remember
We're all here for you

Ignore her whispers
Stay on place
Just recall your goal and
Keep on running the race

~Original Composition.
Copyright note: anyone from BUTIL can repost this as long as there's a relation to BUTIL. For other purposes, please contact me at

God bless!!! More power! Energy!!! ;p

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back from BUTIL

At last, I'm home. I've been in BUTIL Lasalyano, a one-time exceptional experience. Maybe you won't be able to relate, but I've learned a lot from this one. BUTIL, btw, means Basic University Training In Leadership, and the tail 'Lasalyano' means La Sallian Leadership or leadership in a La Sallian way. A very simple name to depict a desire to draw, call, and train prospective or potential student leaders. They've done very well on that one, regarding what it has done for me, and I believe, other participants too. BUTIL is not actually just a seminar, not just an activity. It is an EXPERIENCE. I wanna share that experience in this apparently new blog of mine after ages.

BUTIL has shaken and changed a lot in me. It has planted real 'seeds' in different areas of my life. It has challenged my whole being -- physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, in short, all of me.

In order to recieve something new and great, we have to be emptied first, so that we are able to recieve new 'seeds'. Replace the old ones with the new ones, in short term, and renew the old ones that are worth having.

BUTIL has challenged my body to become better. I adjusted to the new atmosphere, new set of activities, new and productive routine. In the morning, it has trained me to wake up early, and then exercise. I'm such a lazy person, and exercise is in my dictionary. Only that I don't read it. In BUTIL, I've learned to do what I was supposed to do. Things like exercise are good for the body, but if you don't do it, definitely there's no benefit from it.

Another physical struggle I've went through BUTIL is my eating habits. I virtually skip breakfast everyday. Due to waking up late, I lack enough time to eat right food. I rush myself and go to school with nothing to fill my tummy. I do that everyday. I've adjusted my body to bear the day without breakfast. Whenever there's no school, I exchange breakfast for a chance to use the computer. But this is not the case in Charles Huang Conference Center (CHCC), the venue of BUTIL '07. There was the absence of computers, and also, the absence of studies. Thus, no need to rush. And I've been waking up miraculously earlier than I normally do. During meal times in the morning, even at lunch, I had a hard-time eating, and finishing my plate. I always end up as the last one to finish my meal. I was literally 'struggling', struggling to finish my food, something that I don't usually do. I've been used to not eating, now I'm doing something 'forced'. But, this wasn't such a bad thing. Actually, this is happening (all the struggles), because I'm re-adjusting my body to a better, normal habit.

Thirdly, I had a day of productive activities in CHCC. At home, I used to just sit in front of the computer all day long, and ending the day, also in front of it. In contrast to BUTIL, I had a very fun day full of activities. And mind you, those activities are not just mere activities, I've learned a lot from them. I've learned a lot new things -- from socializing, opening up, sharing, and a whole lot stash of learnings. I've changed from an ordinary day computer person, into a dynamic day learner.

Also, I have learned to DISCIPLINE my sleeping habits. I've learned to weigh things that needs to be done, and so, manage my time more fruitfully and productively. Managing your time leads to more productivity in all aspects -- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and more. Unlike my everyday 'dusky' sleeping time, I've adjusted my body into sleeping when the need arises. I usually sleep beyond my need -- even when my body is angry telling me that I need to sleep. I do unimportant things. But, due to what I've learned from BUTIL, we should learn how to decide, to get things done. Now, I have more will-power to say 'no' to things that I shouldn't really do, and give way to things that I should. I've been more productive, too, in sleeping times. Rather than doing unimportant things, I've done important things, and have sacrificed lesser time of sleep to give way for necessary stuff.

Mentally, I've been trained. Unlike a regular day of mental focus on computer stuff and the net, I've been stretched to tolerate much diversity of thoughts. Before, I was limited to only things in the computer, and regular school days. But, BUTIL has added more. BUTIL is a treasure of thoughts and much learning.

Emotionally, I've felt much secure, and the much-needed rest I longed for in the past season, the stresses from the final term, the personal struggles, from all of them, I've been rescued. I had the NEEDED seclusion and reflection that I needed. Not just that, I had a lot more. What a very nice bonus. The blessings are overflowing.

I'm naturally a loner, aloof, secluded, isolated, whatever you may call it. But, right now, I want nothing more than to be with the guys/gals I've been with. I've achieved a lot with them, and SO appreciate how we got there by all the collaboration from everyone. I've really learned to appreciate the presence of everyone being there, because they make things happen. MAN IS REALLY NO ISLAND. It was like a slap to my face that I remember in my younger days, highschool days, that I used to escape class-meetings where you'll be with everyone to work for something. I used to say theyr'e just waste, they're not important and all, but now, I've really been opened up to new colors, new glimmers, new light, art that shows that I need them more, and that they're there for me. I can do nothing more but to be also there for them in return. This is a start of a new era for me, a new age of participation, an age of involvement.

Honestly, I really didn't think that I'd be able to get along good with the two of three sides of people there. All of us boys were put together in one room. If I were asked, I'd categorize us into three: 1. Angas-people or macho-men, 2. Femme-roomies, 3. Average Joes. Inside my head, we were grouped and there was division. I had a preset mind that we won't be able to jive together. I've also labeled myself to only be able with the 3rd group, the average, not-so-loud guys, and normal joes. I WAS WRONG. We turned out to be one. We enjoyed each other's company, and I can see no trace of hypocrisy in each face I know. We ENJOYED each moment we were there together. I learned to appreciate the 'femme' side of the boy's group, and discovered how much they wanted to socialize too with the other side and be given a chance to be one, and the macho-guys, the tough men in there also loosened up of their staunch image. They LEARNED to appreciate the softer side of the room. Actually, they weren't that offended by the so called 'ENERGY' of the femininity of men. They saw that they brought in life and warmth to the room. They've all adjusted. I, too, as an observer was fully fed with joy from the heart. My heart would blow from all the joy, all the goodness that I saw in every individual.

I didn't discover only the differences of guys in my stay at BUTIL. Actually, I was 'so-lucky' enough to be included in an almost girl-and-a-half group. Of 12 members, 9 were women, and 3 men. Two of us men were actually on the 'softer' side. When the group came together, I sat there struggling to be as far as possible. In my mind, I was underestimating the group I was in. I waS feeling so unlucky and think that we were so weak. Haha! I was again wrong! In the end of BUTIL, we actually landed next the SUPER ENERGETIC group in the event, landing only 10 points behind. I've discovered the uniqueness of each one, each girl, that they have something in store for the group. We did really great, in contrast to what I expected that we won't be able to do much good. Actually, we did really great in several activities and won several 1st places. Not to mention other individuals in the group obtaining namely or specific awards. Not so bad for the girliest group in the event. We were strong! But, what I enjoyed most is that in every activity, I learned more and more, from each one of the group, from the activity itself, and from how I performed in each of them.

I won't forget to mention the God-given men and women who guided us in our stay in BUTIL. Ma'am Arlene and other staff and lecturers were there, and also, my [our] FACIS!!! I really love them all and have learned a lot from them. They're individually different, but each of them have something to put in the table of learning. I love that they devoted themselves, even if they see that there is a possibility that they might not have given us MUCH. They're wrong IF they think that way!!! They've given much and I know that what they have sown will return to them bountifully. I thank them for sharing what they have for me, an average student who detest activities like this before.

There are a still lot more in BUTIL. It's crazy, I feel like I'm still in BUTIL even though I'm right here sitting in front of the computer. God really blessed me with BUTIL. I've been completely turned around. I owe this all to everyone who was there, and especially God. I also have a confession: I BADLY wanted to transfer to another school, and have tried to do so. Today, as I reflect, I realize that I wouldn't experience this all if I have gone to what I wanted. De La Salle - Dasmariñas is a gift of God to me. The Insitution and all there is.

Spiritually speaking, BUTIL isn't left out. In my stay in BUTIL, I've experienced a lot of God's grace. I have just been in the jungle, the wilderness, the desert of life before I got to BUTIL. My first morning in BUTIL and the day before, I've been really down and uninterested (in BUTIL). There are reasons for the 'down'. But, what I didn't expect is that God spoke to me, showed me signs, made Himself present in such an activity that I, honestly, might have underestimated. My whole time of being there was filled of prayers, and the prayers multiplied. I prayed more and more, and brought it more. The spirit I had before in prayer and closeness to God returned with BONUSES. I am now more prayerful today than I ever was. I always thank God because I know that whatever I achieve or do good, it is because of His providence. He's really good, and I see Him in everyone of the participants, the Facis, the Lecturers, everyone around the serene surroundings of CHCC. I saw Him in the face of everyone that I thought I wouldn't be able to talk with and have a connection with.

Everything that I've learned in BUTIL, I have definitely brought home. I remember one lecturer/speaker in our BUTIL sessions that Training is much lighter or easier than the real world. He cautioned us to be careful when we're out there, and keep the things that we've learned. I've definitely done it internally, without any struggle. It's like it was strongly instilled inside me by those who have gracefully given away these things. I've really learned.

There are a still lot more in BUTIL. It's crazy, I feel like I'm still in BUTIL even though I'm right here sitting in front of the computer. God really blessed me with BUTIL. I've been completely turned around. I owe this all to everyone who was there, and especially God. I also have a confession: I BADLY wanted to transfer to another school, and have tried to do so. Today, as I reflect, I realize that I wouldn't experience this all if I have gone to what I wanted. De La Salle - Dasmariñas is a gift of God to me. The Insitution and all there is.

God bless us all! I know that BUTIL today is very much empowered! Soar high! Soar with spirits!!! ENERGY!!! :) Ü


I'm on a blindfold
I cannot see
But what I know is
You're all there for me

I don't know where I'm headed
But one things for sure
You won't ever let go of
My hand and leave me

Whenever I am alone
When you're away from me
I refuse to believe
The things that I see

I close my eyes
And remember the days
And I begin to feel you
I hear you near me

Do not fear these blindfolds
Though you can't see
Cos our senses at times fool us
And tell us deciet

Believe in others
Believe in me
Just close your eyes
And begin to see...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Time of Decision

Poisons of poisons
Right in front, a temptation.
Knife of knives
Handed, in a table,
Waiting to be picked up.

You haven't learned yet, maybe
Of the thing called mystery.
You're in between
Pulled by heaven and earth,
In the mid of time and space.

This state of decision,
Causes all the confusion.
This art, this void,
This ever changing form.
We are strangers from reality.

Stop time, stop all else
This time make it right, make sense.
Rest your head from thinking,
And your body from distress.
Know that it's all taken away, and just give it away a kiss...

You are, You

You are a person of beauty;
don't you ever sell yourself.
You are a person of wit and ability;
don't you ever doubt.
You are a person of might;
don't you ever get weak and feeble.
You are a person who possess enough gifts;
don't misuse them, but use them to help others.

You have always impressed me;
and where and why the reason to doubt in yourself?
You have always been great;
why can't you just believe?
You have always been good;
why do you not see?
You have always been best, and all balanced out;
you're perfect in His eyes and mine.