Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seize the Moment While We're Still Together...

I hope that while we're still together, we get to really cherish the moment... I hope that when we're back together and we see again, you'll be the same. If not, may it be better when we do... I hope that we could bear the distance. It would only last for a little while and we'll be back again in each other's arms... So I say please, patience...

~My goodbye message para sa aming broadband. Hahaha. :))

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're not the ones who makes the seed grow anyway... so why hesitate?

I mean, like, c'mon! It's not like we're the one who's supposed to do everything especially when it comes to work, right? Everything's done already and all is COMPLETE.

He plants the seed, not us so why should you fear like you're the star and you'll get disappointed when something happens? Silly! You're just the tool, not the sower! That is not your problem either. Stop minding what's out of your line, would you?

Isa pa, just don't act like it's all about you -- what you've done or what you do. Just do what you're told to do. Just do your part. After that, you shouldn't worry anymore. Making the seeds grow doesn't really rely on what you do. That's too old fashioned and out-dated, man! You're so conservative! Live the today, would you? Worrying would only get them trampled or uprooted because of your doubts.

I hope that you get used to the "NOW". The now is a different and new thing. The now says that it's not what we can do but what is already done. Of course, do our little part: doing or obeying, and believing. After that, don't let your doubt or fear or any inch of worry get the crops ruined, okay? If you could even do so, put on some fertilizers and declare them done. That would definitely make them grow faster.

Don't worry, those are insured. Don't even think that any outside force is going to ruin them: they won't. Those seeds are safely and securely guarded. You're the only one who can ruin it so it's really kinda silly when they get ruined if you get what I'm saying. Hahaha. :p

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm not trying to merely feel you anymore

Because it has progressed; I'm trying to touch you more. It's not the old and usual I'll-wait-til-you-make-me-feel-good anymore. It's all different now...

Everything's better because you made it better... Everything's alive because you breathed life into them. I am at awe and am grateful that you're there...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just moments ago, I was singing a bit like crazy, trying my silliest to imitate the voice I hear through the music playing in the backgrounds. To my surprise, somebody opened the door. I went crazy. I don't know what to do. Hahaha. I just pretended to be just pretty silly. Hahaha. I don't do this in front of others. I sing well when somebody's around or I just keep quiet. Hahaha. Just shameful. Bad! :p

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I promise that this is my last one for the night, ehermm, morning pala! Wahh! :'(

I choose this one, no I choose that
I am now confused, I don't know what
There's no right one, no right fit
Is this the one, or is this it?

Excuse me lady, does it look good
If it doesn't, c'mon, I'll buy you food
Just tell me the words I wanna hear
Just don't make me drop another tear

What am I doing here, squeezing through
People I don't really know, strangers too
I'm lost in the party, I didn't know
That this is what I invested for

I've tried so really hard to fit
To be with them, to have a sit
But no matter how hard I try
Stupid, I end up with a cry

I won't try it anymore
I'll try to change what I'm looking for
Tried too much to be by your side
Now I wanna know who I am inside

Whatda?! Umaga na... :(

Hey, what's up with me? What happened? What's with the streek of Filipino poems? Haha. Whew. Anyway, I liked writing them naman eh. Kaka-refresh lang ng utak. Hala, at matulog na ako. Maaga pa bukas. Grabe ako. Haha. Basta. :p

Dreamer Sa Kama

Ako'y isang dreamer sa kama
Dapat ako'y tulog na
Ngunit ngayo'y nagsusulat pa
Hindi pa pikit ang mga mata

Ako'y isang dreamer sa kama
Mga sulatin ay madami pa
Ngunit nangangailangan ng lakas para
Sa darating na umaga

Sa aking pagtulog na
Bilang isang dreamer sa kama
Hindi magtatapos ang pluma
Ang aking panaginip ay susulat pa

Bati ko, paalam na
Sa isang dreamer sa kama
Nawa'y maidlip ka
Bagama't puyat ay lumakas ka

Isang dreamer sa kama
Ako'y isa sa kanila
Ako'y tutuloy na
At bukas ay maaga pa


Aking pinagtataka
Bakit pagkatapos ko ay siya
May sasabihin ako at meron din siya
Dahil pala'y kami'y iisa

Aking napag-isip-isip
Bakit kaya siya'y sumisilip
Sa aking isipan, habang ako'y nakaidlip
Dahil pala'y kami'y sa isang isipan lakip

Lahat ay kabit-kabit
Lahat ay may isang tadhanang nakaukit
Iisa lang ang hantong sa dulo
At lahat tayo'y doon magtatagpo

Hindi natatapos ang ating pagka-kabit
Matapos ka at mayroon pang kadikit
Ito ang gumagawa sa'tin ng pagkakabia
Ako'y sa'yo at ika'y din, sa kaniya


Poste, ang aking tambayan
Pag malungkot, dito ang lamayan
Pag masaya, may ka-kamayan
Ito ang nagmulat sa aking kamalayan

Poste, ang aking taguan
Pag umiyak, ito ang takbuhan
Pag nanalo, ang aking kaibigan
Ito ang tangi kong kinalakihan

Isa akong taong may buhay
Nakatira sa disenteng bahay
Pero ikaw ba ay nag-tataka
Na ang gusto ko lang makasama siya?

Dahil siya ang aking naging kaibigan
May hirap man ngunit pinaglagpasan
Kay dami nang pinagdaanan
Ngunit siya lang ang naging kasamahan

Ikaw ba, isa ring poste?
Makakayang sumama sa saya't sa leche?
Haha, sige na hayaan mo na
Darating din ang panahon at magiging poste ka...

Sa Kanto

Jan lang sa kanto
Ang punta ko
Hindi ako lalayo, hayaan mo
Maski madilim, may kasama ako

Hindi ako matatakot
Ano ang akala mo?
Basta bahala ako
Hayaan mo, punta na ako

Nandito lang ako
Sa madilim na kanto
May konting liwanag pero
Mabubuhay pa rin, dito lang naman kasi ako

Tititig lang sa mga ulap
Lilipad ang isipan sa alapaap
Hihiling sa buwan na malasap
Ang mga paniginip at sarap

Sandali na lang babalik na ako
Dito lang naman ako sa may kanto
Salamat at pinayagan mo ako
Siya na, at matutulog na ako

Tainted Red

Tainted red on the wall
Saved me, caught me from my fall
You think it only evil, you were wrong
It made me today this much strong

Tainted black on the floor
Before it was bright red in color
Makes me remember your beautiful sacrifice
Enabled me to dance on white ice

I'll sashay inside your beautiful colors
Breathe life and inhale your fragrant odours
I'm happy for all this you've done
You are my certain, only one

It isn't only bad
To look and just be sad
Look again you'll see
There's something more done by somebody

Even I thought before
Of how gloom come from your color
But now I see more clearly
And I'll dwell in it, I will be happy

Forever You Are

You see, I don't really know you
I haven't really met you
Or if I did, talked that much to you
But yes, I did a little, but not enough to

Know you that much
That you were such
A good person, a nice catch
But now I'll spend my time to look and watch

I don't know if I'm in the position
To say something about you, is it my discretion
To like you, can I make that decision?
But I'll say something about you, and this is my reason

That you were the same as before
I liked you then, it hasn't changed today
As good as you are, still it is
Now you're here, and all I can say is, forever you are

Who can describe
With perfect words inscribe
Such beauty, no one can bribe
Every power will bow, every tribe

And I'm this person
Who's out of season
To be near you, I'll be in prison
Yet you are, you give me a reason

This miracle done
Just to be near you, after, I'd be gone
This to you I'll say one
That forever you are, my heart you own


In my few choice of words, in my limited vocabulary, in the finite reach of my puny mind and ability
Let me be able to speak, let me be able to cry, let me be able to make myself satisfied
Through what I'll say, through what I'll do, through this that I'll always hold on to
Let me thrash, let me through, let me get away from this life's zoo

Let me go, let me fly, just let me live a decent life
Then I'll thank you, then I'll reward you, then I'll show you things I never do
For there is one thing that I desire, for there is one thing in me like a fire, for there is one thing that won't ever expire
Let me thrash, let me through, let me experience that love from you


I'm a head-turner
At least I think I am
I turn heads every once in a while
And I know, yes I'm certain
That they look in either awe or attraction

I'm a boy-next-door
And everybody loves me
I make them drool and drop their glasses
In a bar, or in a diner
I'm simply irresistable, don't you deny it

I'm a star
Everyone knows me
Because I'm that heavenly
Papparazzis stalk me
And they'd kill theirselves just for a shot of me

Yes, this is all true
Call me any way you want to
Just to express how much you want me
You don't need to bother telling me
Because I know it already

Yes, I still am
In this dream world, I ever am
And don't you dare wake me
Because even if you do
I know that I still am, in my world and yours, I am


It's not the T.V. show. It's not the acronym for the local anti-drugs movement. It's not a brainer either. It's just what I feel. I am mad at something, and the only thing nearest to me that I can point fingers to is myself. Yes, I am angry; I hate and am mad at myself. Why? Let's see...

I am confounded; there's something in me that wants to blame somebody for something wrong, or at least, I feel something ain't right. I don't really know what's happening. Something's just not right, like I said. It's not always like this (life is much better, I know). It's just that right now, I feel a mixture of fear, dissapointment, and regret.

I am to be blamed for what I've done wrong, yet I always fear to receive the equal return of what I do wrong. Life shouldn't work that way. I know that life isn't that bad as we think it is.

I want a new perspective in living and breathing my days. As I breathe these words, as I release them, may I be emptied out. May it be the end; at least for now it is. If (or whenever) it comes back again, lemme look back at it with a cheerful smile because I know that I will have been there before.

Oh, you might want to ask why I felt mad anyway. I told you earlier, "let's see". I guess, as you went with me through reading this, you saw it already. Don't worry. That's all there is.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Korni Pala Ako--

Narealize ko, korni pala akong tao. Why? Because I make the little things matter much. I think of things that I shouldn't really worry about. I fuzz about things that aren't really threatening. I think, that just makes me a paranoid too. So, ano na ako niyan: corny + paranoid = me. Ughh!

This must stop! I abhor wishing that I "change" cos I know how corny it is, too, kasi parang it doesn't really happen and work that way.

Basta, I'm still a teen. Let me change. Let me be a dreamer from a thinker. Hehe. :)

Dream Maker

Come to think of it, my future is finished. I worry too much about it -- I over-analyze (though I deny that I do so). Wherever you go, the truth remains that logic blinds our future by blocking our dreams. Dreams bring us higher. It is dreaming that we need to do. Dream on, everyone!

One Wednesday night, I wrote a poem about believing in dreams, being secure and seeing the things that I can and I should do that will bring me a step nearer to dreams that I can't even dream of (haha). That night was quite a struggle, until I found peace when I rested. It just makes me realize how too "analytic", "perceptive", and "logical" I am. That is good, but that needs to change. I need to dream more, believe more, and that way, I can move more. At my present behaviour of doubt, skepticism and logical reasoning, I can't seem to go anywhere. I admit that this, again, is a struggle.

Today, as I write this, I just wish to express how I believe that I'll get through this. I can dream again, I know. I'll see again with eyes that see the whole world. I'll draw again, I'll be me again when I was still a kid -- with unlimited dreams. :)

Times before, my hopes were gone
I thought they can't be ever done
But today, my dreams, I realize
I see them all materialize

The reason there is is you
You made those things come true
Now I will believe forever
That you are my dream maker

Today's a different matter
Yet I still can't feel it's better
But I believe I'm through
It's finished, I'm with you

You opened up my eyes
You silenced all my cries
Through all I understood, I knew
You are my dream come true