Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tackling the Atheist Argument: Either God isn't real, or He is evil... Well, is He?


People arguing that either God isn't real, or that He is evil because of death, illness, wars, and evil in the world itself. This is a poorly constructed argument. The regular atheist who would argue this is either lazy, or easily gives up to find the right answers.

To argue this is like questioning the existence of pests, insects, predators in the animal kingdom. Why do they exist? One similar but simple question would be why should cockroaches exist? Why would God create such a creature? I only see it as an inconvenience (see here how man's perception is very limited to its limited knowledge). Funny that another similar but seemingly different question would be, why are there predators in the animal kingdom; and are they evil?

But how about trying to figure out the answer to why they actually exist? One simple answer is cockroaches exist to let us know if a place is dirty. I have also asked if there is any good with cockroaches. A couple of things, yes. They are part of the food web, keeping the ecosystem balanced. Cockroaches are radioactive, too. That can be a good thing for researchers to study about.

The second question similar to the original argument is the existence of predators. This is a no-brainer. Are animals evil for hunting and preying on other animals? A normal-thinking adult would quickly say no. An innocent child would answer a bit differently, feeling a mix of a bit of fear and some morality. But generally, are they evil? No. They need to hunt to survive. They do not kill just for "fun" like humans do (notice how "evil" is different when it comes to man?). However, this is a similar thing to the cockroaches example. It's just a matter of how we perceive things.

One should definitely read C.S. Lewis's work, "The Problem of Pain". He was an atheist. A very smart one. Smarter than your average atheist. He didn't stop with questions. He came looking for the answers. Seek and you will find. Knock and a door will be opened. That is exactly what Jack (C.S. Lewis) did, and the consequent results are what he found. I shall not try discuss what it contains, except that it is a good book to quench all questions about the existence of pain, suffering, and general "evil" in the world. One who would claim intelligence (typically an atheist) would put his so-called intelligence into good use by reading this book. Let's say it is a test of true intelligence for one to read this.

Speaking of suffering, illness, and all those bad things, evil has repercussions, effects, costs -- to those who do it, and even those who don't. It ultimately is caused by the one who do evil. Bottom line, evil affects people negatively.

Question: Does God want death, etc.? He doesn't. He showed His love by becoming Man, and dying on the cross to pay for our sins (to pay for the natural cost of man's sin). But He also is a righteous God, and He will not break His own laws of goodness. But it doesn't end there; He provided a solution -- Christ's death, which must be accepted by faith.