Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogs vs. Plurks: The Memorial Value

I was supposed to blog something... but ended up just 'plurking' it. I believe that there is a big difference with the value that a blog has than that of a plurk.

Blogs are more... I may say, intimate. That is how I treat my blogs. My plurks, on the other hand, are more 'public'. Why are they public? First of all, I linked them to my Facebook account. That means that all ordinary plurks (without the !FB keyword) will automatically get posted to FB. Yes. That's it. So, it means that everyone will get to read it.

I plurk most of the time to share something 'public', something that others can agree on... something that I want to shout out to the world. I just remembered, my Plurk's also linked to my Twitter account. That's how PUBLIC it is. :))

My blogs, now, are the sentimental ones. They are linked to my heart. I write my biggest secrets (well not all of them, but a lot of them I've written already... but on a different one, not on this blogsite). One may notice, if they know my plurk activity as compared to my blogging habits, that I plurk more than I blog. Hey, plurkin may also be considered as micro-blogging... but when I refer to 'blogging', I refer to this blogger site/account.

Okay... I think that my plurks outnumber my blogs because of several reasons... one of which is the ease of using it. It's also attached to my Yahoo! Messenger account so that whenever I think of something very sudden, when something pops out of my mind out of the blue, I can instantly record it.

I don't really believe in the immortality of saving your thoughts on an online repository like the internet... I have this belief that some day in the future... everything will be gone. We will run out of resources because we only know how to consume. There are groups that are starting movements for renewability. But, at least, whatever essence our thoughts create... it will remain forever in the air as everything disappears, and as we come back to dust... We have on source, and to that we will return in the end. If we look at it closer, nothing really disappears (law of physics). Whatever our thoughts produce, it fulfills whatever purpose it has.

Now, what can I say about memories? I say that we make them worthwhile... and make them last while they're there... and let's just create more of 'em. In my experience, there were lots of good things in my life. But my humanness limits my ability to keep all of them afresh all the time. It may be a rare moment to feel that special and sentimental experience of everything past. :)

Even though I don't believe in the immortality of the internet, I believe I should still make an effort of reaching out and sharing my thoughts to the world through my writing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get My Beat Back Up

What I'm not telling you is that I'm starting to feel lazy. I think I AM lazy. I haven't been in school for two days, and it's hard to get my productivity UP. I'm struggling to work on the things that I need to work on.

I need to get my beat back up... And I need a reboot. I need to remind myself again who I am... I need to see again with vision.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sudden Gloom

My sudden gloom..
My sudden loneliness...
My sudden realization...
Of your presence, my happiness.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The problem with generalizing rich people like Villar.

Note: we should learn how to differentiate people who got rich by corruption versus with hard-work.

Ang problema sa mga mahihirap, o karamihan ng mga mahihirap, o middle class, na people is kapag merong mayayaman like Villar, nagiging umaasa sa pera ni Villar instead of standing on their own feet. Dapat magsumikap din sila hindi yung hingi lang ng pera kay Villar. Di porke't merong pera ang isang mayaman o pulitiko, ipamimigay na yan sa mga mahihirap. Dapat pa ding gastusin ng matalino para tumagal at maging mas mapapakinabangan sa pang-matagalan.

Yung mga tao kasi biased kaagad kay Villar na "bakit hindi mo na lang ipamigay mo yan sa mga mahihirap, mangungurakot ka lang, mahal mo yung pera kaya hindi mo minumudmod pera mo sa kanila". Maling pag-iisip yun. Walang matalinong tao ang gagawa noon. Pang mga makikitid lang ang utak iyon. Hihirap ka sa ganong pag-iisip.

Dapat hindi sarado isip ng mga tao, at MABILIS manghusga kay Villar, o kahit sa ibang mga taong YUMAMAN HINDI DAHIL SA PANGUNGURAKOT. Ang nangyayari pa nga ngayon ay mas sinusuportahan pa yung mga kurakot na yumaman na pulitiko, kesho daw magaling, tapos si Villar kurakot daw eh hindi naman kilala at binatuhan lang ng mga isyu nitong eleksyon (para hindi manalo, the way I see it). Kabulagan para sa'ken yon.


"Let's be part of the solution, and not contribute to the headache by being part of the problem."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Luke Sendon Ivan Padilla, a thief (car-napper, if I'm correct), died in the hands of the PNP when he could've been saved. What are your thoughts???

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    • Maureen Manuel I know. They said sa news, the lives of the police and other ppl matters the most. eh di na ng nakakagalaw ung tao. duguan na. this is anti human rights. tao pa rin naman si ivan kahit criminal siya
      7 minutes ago · · 1 person ·
    • Maureen Manuel grabe seryoso, parang ang dating di mahalaga buhay nung tao :|
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    • Luke Sendon Grabe. Naaalala ko pa nga yung ginawa ni Jesus nung huhulihin na siya ng mga soldiers para icrucify. Diba si Peter pinutol yung tenga ng solder dahil sa pag-attack, pero ang ginawa ni Jesus, HE PUT THE EAR BACK TO ITS PLACE. He didn't want violence nor blood. He wanted peace.
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    • Maureen Manuel i hope people will react to this issue, more :| nakakabanas at nakakaasar :|
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    • Luke Sendon
      Thanks Paul. I like it that you like this post...

      Grabe, si Jesus nga mismo pinigilan si Peter pumatay ng roman soldier na huhulihin si Jesus para ipako sa Krus. Ni si Jesus mismo hindi niya pinag-isipan ng masama yung mga gusto siyang mamat...See More
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    • Maureen Manuel as in Matt, i mean sinabi na nga ng tao na may tama na siya sa ulo, and naka hand cuffs na siya. do u think he still has the capable to defend himself over the popo. :| Hindi di ba. this is a disgrace :|
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Luke Sendon do we have the right to put someone else's life in our hands and dictate whether they should live or not just because they did wrong?

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