Sunday, July 25, 2010


The only thing that you cannot fool... is the Truth.

If Love is Universal...

If love is universal... then why is it so subjective???

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Facebook: Soon Forgotten

I'm honestly not liking Facebook anymore. Aside from the fact that the Wall Link poster isn't functioning well on Safari 4, my Web Browser of choice, I'm getting more and more annoyed of all the information in the Wall. There's just too much (I know, it can be customized, but that's not what I want -- what I want is intuitiveness, or something more personalized, sentimental, and something cleaner) things showing up your homepage, that you spend your time waiting long hours just for that sensible 'red number' on the upper left corner of your screen. I'm actually referring to the notifications.

Cleaning up all the LIKED pages will take up a lot of time... a lot of times they work, they actually make you happy for all the shared photos, music, videos, and articles they share. But, just half of the time, they're there when you don't want them to be there; they're there when you want only a few things to nothing to be there for enlightenment.

There will always be a time for everything. There will always be a hype. But, there will also always be a recede that follows every such thing. The things that we enjoy from the new will soon be old and forgotten. Its use will run out soon. This is the same for every new successful matter. It is what we call fading glory. So, maybe it should also be a go-signal for us to learn how to deal with being at the bottom part of the wheel.

In the end, what you'll have is what's just right for you. It is as things get filtered out, and you get just the thing that you need.

Note: to the readers, this is not just about Facebook. This is actually a reflection that resulted from my experience in using Facebook. It's more of a search for answers deeper than just what was presented. Please have an open mind. Thanks!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Killing Machine

The Killing Machine. It kills -- and it kills bad. It does wonders. It exterminates, it creates history. It conquers. It claims lands. It defeats foes and devours them. It does all the things that you will ever want to do -- even those that you yourself ever cannot.

One particular Killing Machine, however, was different. He loved to sleep. He loved to look at the sky and think of far away thoughts. He's got his own space that he would like to keep the same.

This Killing Machine's untapped powers are all there, just waiting for the one who would press the power button. Just the right time was what he needed to go on running and do what he does best -- kill BAD.

Yes, there will be times that he won't do his deeds that he's supposed to. But, he will still be a Killing Machine, one that kills bad.

Growin' Older in Silent Wonder

"Growin' Older in Silent Wonder..."

'Tis I wrote at a time that I was reflecting about aging and not being a teen anymore. Now, as I look back, it just tells me that I should be "growin' older" and leave the past behind... "in silent wonder."

Beautiful Fire

Where is beauty in fire?
Where is beauty in destruction?
Where is beauty in all of life's dissipation?

Is it the peace it offers?
Is it the rest after pain?
Is it the light that it produces in times that we burn?

Right now it remains a question.

I know that ice cannot be compared to fire.
I know that ice cannot be better than inferno.
I know that, somewhere along the lines, ice cannot be the right choice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Facebook is pure distraction right now!

Yes, that! Facebook is pure distraction right now!

The Obvious

I am just stating the obvious. I have a lot of things in my mind right now. But, despite that, there is that desperate attempt from me to still organize my thoughts and not get caught up in it.

Oh, 'Empire State of Mind' by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys be cool, and also 'United State of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the pop)' by DJ Earworm too!

This is just so random. I'm not gonna stop talking (and in this case, writing, blogging) 'til I find answers, 'til I see progress, 'til I see good... And I hope to see good.

"Hello. How May I Help You?"

I care for you, and I want to help you. Somehow, I don't want to be just one clip of the film of your life. I might just be somebody insignificant to you. I can try to force myself into your life, but at the end of the day, if I really am not, I'll be just an intermission.

I want do something, but I just don't know what it is that I can do. I know that I should help myself first too before I can help others such as you, but I feel like I don't need to do that because I can manage on my own. Maybe that's the same situation with you, you can handle your own well without my help.

But, from this view, I can see clearly that you are in need of help... Who will be your help? I pray, then, that you find that solution... It does not need to be me, for what's important is that there is help... I just hope that this one, out of a thousand that I utter, may be heard...


I just want to remind myself of the following promises that I have made. At least if I get to fulfill even some of them, the realistically attainable ones, I might feel satisfied.

So, here goes the list:

- I'll stop being late in my subjects. To do that, I'll ask for overnights @ my classmate's house.
- I'll outperform myself in my STRAMGT course. I've been slacking off too much, and time to prove and deliver the promises and words that I have been saying. No more thank you's, sorries, and such.
- I'll keep my blog alive.
- I'll soon redesign my blogs and websites.

Beautiful People

The world is full of wonderful people -- wonderful people with different stories to tell; wonderful people with different perspectives and situations in life.

Sometimes, even these people who are beautiful in their own respective ways, because of all the crap in life, cannot see the beauty in them.

I want it be a mission in my life to help people see how they were magnificently created by God.


There will be trade-offs when you choose to put aside your duties and responsibilities. Expect that people may and will get mad at you because you simply are just doing something wrong. But, it is perfectly normal. You'll have to accept and face the fact that you are not doing things right, and that you shouldn't do something wrong to cover up your previous mistakes.

Face the consequences, and most of the time, man is just too merciful and understanding that we don't get what we actually deserve -- punishment. I must stress out that it is very important for us to finally stop adding to the wrongs that we do because we think it is the way out. NO. It will help us save face for only a little while. But, courage, by facing your mistakes and admitting them with humility, you might actually be doing yourself a favor and erase your past record of wrongs.

Alas. Face the trade-offs of your wrong actions so that you can set it right once and for all.

I Miss My Mac :'(

I miss my Mac... I think I left my productivity with it. :'(

A Mac will always be a Mac = Best.

Tired of Making Excuses

I'm tired of making excuses... Cos no matter what reasons I have, the fact will remain that I wasn't able to fulfill my obligations. Period.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Day of Voting (Friday, July 9, 2010): Achiever Scholar Program - College Level

Guys, especially to those who wish to support me. Tomorrow yung last day of voting for the Achiever Scholar Program, til 12nn. I do not have any roving cans nor campaign managers, but I believe that your genuine support will be my fuel. Ako lang talaga ang lumalapit personally sa mga kakilala ko, and I ask them to vote by the heart. Still, salamat sa inyo. Text me to meet me if you want to vote, wala na kasing booth. :)

Please keep the votes coming, cos I think I only garner 1/4 of what my 3 greatest (voting) opponents have. I really need your support dahil 20% din ito. They get thousands of pesos a day while I only gather barely a hundred to two hundred. They have big givers (100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 increments/votes), but I don't think it's the quantity. Just as the Lord looks at the heart and not the outward deeds -- like the Rich Man and the Poor Widow giving their offering, yet the Poor widow gave more in essence. That is my only fallback whenever the votes status bring me down.

Still, thanks to those who believe in me and give good amounts. Even a single vote counts and I appreciate it. But big thanks to those with the conviction to give amounts like 50 or 100 and such.

If you wish to ask me my reason why I joined the Achiever Scholar Program, please do so. I try to keep it to myself and some close friends as much as possible because it is a very personal matter to me. Kaya, this program is a very big thing for me.

God bless us and may His pure will be done. :)

The Reason Why I Joined the Achiever Scholar Program. :)

The Reason Why I Joined the Achiever Scholar Program. :)

Note: this is a long read. But please bear with me. The main points are at the last lines, although they are scattered all throughout this note (beginning, middle, etc.).

My parents were from UP. My 3 kuyas were from UP. I wanted to be like them, a scholar. But during late elementary and high school, my dad lost his job. He was jobless for 2 years. It affected my schooling. I couldn't take exams because I couldn't pay any tuition. The school year ended with me not being able to take the exam.

I was badly affected by our financial situation. I didn't perform well in school. However, my peers and professors always believed that I was a bright student, that I can perform. Only that I had a bad attitude, which I believe was the effect of my financial problems. I lost confidence in myself because we didn't have enough finances to support my academic endeavors. We had just enough for daily expenses like food and etc., but an excess was rare.

I am a 7th of 8 children. So, not only was it a difficult thing that my dad lost his job. It was also difficult because he was supporting 8 children. Wala pang graduates that time. Nahihirapan na din mga kapatid ko who were in college.

As said earlier, I wanted to be a scholar, yes. It was an aim -- I wanted to follow the good footsteps and example of my parents and my elder brothers. But due probably to our financial situation, I didn't have good high school records.

I failed the UP exam (the only school I applied for) even though I had high exam results (grades won't be mentioned). I tried to apply for reconsideration because the results were considerably high. However, they couldn't because I applied for quota courses.

I again tried for reconsideration at UPLB. I almost got in, but at the last part of the application/reconsideration process, I got rejected because I didn't apply for UPLB. It was the first lesson of the Lord to me. My mom insisted I apply for UPLB, but when the rain ruined my first application form, I filled up a new one, and changed my campus choice to UPM instead. Lesson: listen to your parents.

I was rush-enrolled to DLSU-D. The start of my being a Lasallian. All the while I intended to transfer to a UP unit, specifically UPM, after a year. I had good school performance, the top in my BS-IT batch, all sections/blocks included. Guidance councilor has the records to prove so. I felt confident that my application would be a breeze.

1st year ended, and I convinced my parents that I'll apply for UPM. They insisted that I go DLSU-Manila. I didn't feel it because I am only a simple person. I don't know a thing about other universities, altough I'm starting to like Lasalle. And, I'm not an elitist, which I thought of Lasalistas. Not english-speaking, etc. It was too prestigious and intimidating.

UPM didn't process my application. They didn't consider my TRED subjects as academic courses, and there was a misinterpretation. They informed me late and reconsideration was a mess because the slots for BS-Computer Science were gone. They will only accept incoming 2nd year students. I wasn't meant for UP at all.

I got back to DLSU-D. After a more successful 2nd year (participated in a limited-slots, by-invitation leadership potential LTS, run for College President under an independent/non-popular political party, saw more what it is to be a Lasallian), I applied for DLSU.

My reason for applying for DLSU was because I wanted to achieve something in my college life. I wanted to get the most out of my education. And it was the time that I was feeling more confident because the Lord was slowly and steadily blessing and providing for my needs. But, we aren't really rich. We just had good enough.

My youngest brother (next to me) just graduated high school, and he was going to UST. I realized that I was the only one left in the province to study (Cavite), and I think I deserve a level-up (study in Manila) for my good academic performance.

I was afraid I won't get accepted by DLSU because of my past experiences. But, when I learned how to give it all to the Lord, and trust in Him no matter what -- when I learned how to humble myself and not focus too much on my own plans, but to trust in the Lord's purpose -- I passed. :)

My arrival here at DLSU, for me, was the start and go signal for me from the Lord. It was the start of my quest to achieve and attain my goals -- success. One of the goals I wanted to achieve was to be part of the Achiever Scholar Program. During my first year, I saw an advertisement about it, but I still wasn't eligible for it. I waited til I was. That was the first time spark I had that made me desire to apply for the program. It was a seed sown in my heart.

Last year, 1st term, I went on LOA. I met an accident. It was an important term because SAN-DES (an important pre-requisite major course) was offered that time. I missed it and got delayed. But, I believed that the Lord has a plan for me, so I accepted that fact.

Last year, 2nd term, I got good grades again. The rest I had from the LOA made me see who I was again. The Lord refreshed me about His plans for me. I had good success again all thanks to the Lord's grace.

Last term, (3rd term) I was eligible for the Achiever Scholar Program. It was my chance. I wanted to join, and my friends were coaxing me to do so. But, nobody nominated for me, and I missed the chance.

Last term was my only chance to graduate on time again and get back on track. But, to do that, I needed to enroll 4 major subjects all at the same time. I thought that it was my last chance to be qualified for the Achiever Scholar Program because it was impossible to get a good grade after the term. Even the honor students of my batch/course told me the same thing -- that I shouldn't take those subjects all at the same time. They strongly disapproved of my decisions. However, some of my friends encouraged my by saying that I can do it. I sided with them.

A miracle, however, happened after that term. The Lord showed me that He can do the impossible. I got good grades in my last term. It was the term that I got the highest number of units earned. I also survived a course that I thought I'll fail. With God's grace, I got a 2.0 in a very difficult course that got a lot of students failing. It qualified me for a DL. For me, that term was one of my greatest academic achievements!

I joined a lot of organizations the moment I stepped into the grounds of DLSU-Manila. I thought that it's just what I should to in order to reach my goals. But, I came to a point that I had to choose what I really want in life. I should look for what the Lord wants for me, and what I'm made for -- not just anything that I see and I know I can do.

That for me was God's sign that He can do the impossible. It was also His go signal for me to apply for the Achiever Scholar Program. Now, I'm facing new challenges again, but this is just to prove that God has His ways that I do not know, but they for sure are for the good. Actually, by faith, He makes known to me what He is about to do. :)

Now today and the rest of history is yet to be written. Although I know they already have been inked in His book -- and all of it is good. :)


Those who supported me deserve to know. I thank all of you. Bukas na po ang interview and deliberation. The Lord bless us! :)

Minsan nakakahiya mag-share ng something about you because di mo naman alam how other people will take it, but this was a leap of faith. I think you gusy deserve to know a part of me, since a lot of you supported me.

Salamat sa inyo! :D