Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Want To Write

This is now the time when you want to write that bad... yet you no longer can cos your eyes are dropping real low. This is just how I say good night and good bye for now.

I'll continue writing tomorrow. Peace and sleep well, Matt!!! >:D

The Delight Of Seeing Your Posts Beautify Your Blog

How delightful it is to see my posts beautify my blog.

The most beautiful thing that posts do is to reflect who you are and your thoughts. That's the most special thing. You see yourself clearer.

I'm Fixing My ORIGINAL Mail!!! :D

Yeah, I heard myself right. Oh, read.

I had come up with this particular e-mail address before, and I believe that I should pay homage to it. It is one of the most original and solid e-mail addresses that I've ever created. I don't think that there'll ever be another else like it.

I've left it in ruins (like my blog, sadly) before... ever since I've used it to subscribe to different social networking sites... and other newsletters. It especially became more desolate when I created a new e-mail address (for professional use).

Just this night, as I have checked it for after quite long, I saw how ruinous it was. I now have some lots of cleaning to do. Let it wait for me to do it, and it'll be better than it was before.

All About Being Left-Handed

Well, I believe that there are certain practices that my left part of the body is more dominant than the right. For one, I prefer to talk over the phone using my left ear. I prefer focusing my eye on objects using my left eye. In both cases, it's clearer.

I've found an interesting website when I searched the net on something about my grammar usage while I was thinking of a title for one of my blogs... then one of the 'google' results came out with an interesting link about left-handedness.

Here's the link, as I might blog more about this some other time:

Just When You Think...

Just when I've thought that I had no real friends around me... Just when I've thought that I'm alone... Just when I feared being alone for longer... And just when I thought that I'm gonna be like this -- by myself all along...

I was wronged. And, there appeared friends whom I never thought would be there.

Thanks... :)

The Day That I Let You Be

It was a disaster. I shouldn't have left you for fame nor attention. I shouldn't have loved the many but short glimpse of liking. It was killing you.

I had left you in ruins. I thought that you'd live on your own. I tried to rest on fleeting pleasures and moments of heights but it did me no good. Now, I can only conclude that you are my home, my one and only true refuge... and my soul.

I have returned and I will be by your side, now that I have known who I am. Now that I have known what you are to me. Especially now that I've known the connection between the two of us -- that cord that ties our soul and brings life.