Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm hurt and I can't move
This ache I could not remove
This feeling in my chest
It's piercing my heart endlessly
Without blood but I'm dying slowly

It makes me weak if I think
Of what you've done to me
It makes my heart beat fast
I couldn't catch my breath
Even if I breathe carefully

I'm probably losing conrol of my sanity
Who's even there to catch me in my misery
Right now I just want to catch a deep breath
That it would feel okay
And even for a second forget all the pain

The memories, they get harder
Cemented on the walls of your brain
They won't break and soon
They'd just turn into gold
Like fear you have in a nightmare

Find me somebody who could save me
Find me somebody who could cover me with love
Bind the wounds of may shattered heart
Put it all together and make me new
Give me a new name so that I wont remember

This is a hard choice
All just points into losing
I hide back to the deep of not knowing
But I ask who's that bright light
Staying with me even when I was in the dark

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