Friday, June 8, 2007

Human Ways

I'm an individual. Speaks for itself, cos I am alone. How humanly. I ask myself why human ways are so easily wronged? They create laws so fallible, you'd hate them. You probably know what happened to me so that I could say these things. NO, you're wrong, they're not the entire reason. The entire reason is LIFE. Life's no joke. I teach myself to learn the way how things in our ever-changing, difficult and complicated world work. Kids laugh their bellies about it's issues that they hate to know. They refuse knowledge. I thought they were supposed to learn? That they have 'young' and 'teachable' hearts? You might say that the world is turning upside-down. Human systems are reversing, working the opposite that they should. When you become older, you know and know more, and there you learn, it seems. That's not bad, though. The only backfall of that matter is when you learn after all the misses, after all the strength wasted where you should've used it for the things it was meant to be used for, to help others and more things in this world that you should know. It kinda hurts, living in this world when you don't see joy, when you're just normal and ordinary, living with ordinary men and women. That just tells, you gotta be different. It is a call. More than different, you gotta be correct... See what I'm saying?

*Laughs!* Hahahaha! This is really dumb! :p lol

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