Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Fixing My ORIGINAL Mail!!! :D

Yeah, I heard myself right. Oh, read.

I had come up with this particular e-mail address before, and I believe that I should pay homage to it. It is one of the most original and solid e-mail addresses that I've ever created. I don't think that there'll ever be another else like it.

I've left it in ruins (like my blog, sadly) before... ever since I've used it to subscribe to different social networking sites... and other newsletters. It especially became more desolate when I created a new e-mail address (for professional use).

Just this night, as I have checked it for after quite long, I saw how ruinous it was. I now have some lots of cleaning to do. Let it wait for me to do it, and it'll be better than it was before.

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