Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Words Like Swords

Words Like Swords

If each and every word
Was a great sharp sword
I wish mine were steel
Wielded with great skill

If when truth be told
I wish you could behold
What my heart can feel
My mouth be witness to what's real

If with thoughts I hold
I can be really bold
May my tongue inside me kill
And not instead be still

If gone the days of old
And my hours have been fully mold
May I not for my words kneel
Pray to turn back the wheel

Words are really important. They are the different threads and needles of communication. They aren't just needles when they meet their destinations. They are swords.

Words aren't confined in those that are spoken by the mouth, nor those written. Even the words of our body's movements speak words. Even silence means words.

Communication is a very powerful tool. It can make or break. It can be used to defend, or destroy.

Picking up the thoughts from "words as sharp swords", I came up with these simple verses. The thought is really simple indeed -- just expressing the boldness of words.

On this writing, I focused more on the honesty, plainness, and straightforwardness of words as they go.

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