Sunday, February 21, 2010

King of Delays

I told myself that I am going to write about a Plurk I wrote earlier. It was my stat, "Me be King of Delays". Yeah, I am a King of Delays. I so am. I wanted to write something about it that intense that I even thought of writing a poem for it. Right now, as I write, I am just not really certain if I will indeed write a poem about it. But, I just HOPE that one day I will... unless because of time, things have changed and I won't need to anymore.

I am a King of Delays. I have noticed how I delay things I need to do. One reason is because I always want everything I do to be the "right one" as I do it. It means that if it's not the "right one", then it'll need some "more" working on... hence, it's more tiring, and it'll need more effort from me. Effort that isn't as easy to give as one may think. As a result, I simply find most of my time spent in wondering when that "right time" is. Only then do I realize that I have little time, and then I rush, and then... I be on the verge of failure.

I still want to write more... but it's pretty late. I still need to wake up early tomorrow, do my personal Christian devotion and go to church, and later in the afternoon attend to my brother's "despedida" or farewell party, and then go to my classmate's pad for probably a two-night stay. This is for a project defense... and if time permits, others more.

Alas, this "project" is exactly just what I was talking about as I realized how I am such a King of Delays.

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