Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Do I Like You?

Right now I am asking myself why I like you. It's just that I want to check if my feelings for you are still reasonable, and that I am not just attracted to you skin deep. So, why do I really like you?

You are simple.

The first time I saw you, I felt intimidated. You, to me, were really beautiful. You dressed wonderfully, you definitely can present yourself well. I thought that I was your stark contrast. However, after a few revelations about your family background; after some short words from your mouth that I got from eavesdropping (yes, I did that out of interest, hehe), I found out that you were actually a very simple person, that you won't look down on people that others might look down to. And, what impresses me most is that, you can do that despite your affluent disposition.

You are sweet.

I see how sweet you are to your siblings (you just don't know how 'observing' I can get whenever I get the chance to be around you-even when you think I am not looking, that is the time that I try the hardest to observe just to get more information about you, hehehe. I just don't want to blow my cover up too early, nor spoil the surprise). I have never been that consistently sweet to my siblings, and I am just awed at how you can do that all the time. I just want myself to be as sweet as that. And, maybe if we get closer, you can share that attribute to me.

You are sunny.

Although I do not know you that well (mainly because I am too shy to get to know you, and I am the type of person that would rather be mysterious, and break everything down in the end to create a big surprise ala 'save the best for last'), I feel comfortable when I'm around you. Yes, I do, even if I just stay silent. Even if I only get to speak a short while with you. Even if I only hear your giggles from my view when you're seated afar. And, it's actually quite funny because amidst that comfort, I feel uneasy when I'm around you--a feeling I can't explain nor describe. I sometimes become really spontaneous, or become too clumsy.

What other reasons do I have to like you? Maybe that's it, or maybe there's still more hiding from my sight. Maybe you are just a code to decipher like that of a grand jigsaw puzzle that once I finish, I'll appreciate my efforts the most.


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