Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I need You back in my life

This place is familiar -- it's where I was before
Everything's becoming like the way they used to be
But I am making every effort to resist from going back, and if ever I do
I stand by the hope that this is just a cycle and things will be okay

I feel like something is missing
Like I am forgetting something I had that changed me
And I am looking in all the wrong places
Because I couldn't find the right answers to my questions and confusions

I was hoping that in time I would remember
That I knew it all along but I just couldn't recall what it was
And I know that soon enough it is going to get back to me
And I knew right because it did came back to my memory

I reasoned to myself that it was just me
That I just had to be tough, to be brave through all
Maybe it's just my friends, that I had to breakthrough
In all of it, I felt so alone

It was You, all along, who changed me
I need You back in my life, to touch me again
I may have forgotten the love that we first shared
But You never did, You just waited for me to come back again

And now I feel like I'm the Prodigal Son
I knew it before, but now it's all clearer
Even though I never thought I was, that I could do it on my own
Now I know again that I couldn't live without You

Life without You is a struggle -- it feels so alone
I have no purpose, no reason to live, and to see tomorrow
My future is bleak, I have no hope
Until you touched the sky and lit the dark for me

In Your arms is where I want to stay
May in it, please, I forever remain
I have found my way back home
And may everything be alright again today

It is with you, now I've proven, that I belong
You are my lost love, and now I've found again
My inspiration for all of my days
In you I'm content, my tomorrow's secure

I wrote something different and not too artsy tonight (ehem, morning). From the usual rhyme-y poems I write, the ones that entertain me the most, I stuck to telling a story that I really wanted to share. This has been a result of my introspection and inner reflections. I felt like I was missing something in my life, like I lost a precious ring -- my secret to success before. And, there I realized I was looking in the wrong places, that it was because I lost my love to someone, my inspiration. Now, I am craving more than ever to get back to where I belong, and stay there with contentment. Things can never be like before, yes, because they just get way better.


  1. Wow, I love this!
    I'm one of those people who prefer to add a rhyming scheme to my poems but this is really good.

  2. Aww, thanks! Same here. I prefer rhymed verses, but I just had to tell this story outright.

    Thanks for viewing, I guess? :)


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