Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If The Earth Could Speak

I wonder how things would be if the earth could speak. I wonder what would happen. I wonder what it will tell us.

I wish that the earth could speak. Maybe then it could tell us about humanity more than we could ever know about it by ourselves.

We speak too many lies, too many wrong assumptions, too many wrong claims about what we own and what we don't. And, if the earth could speak, I bet it could tell us that we are wrong.

But, consider this thought. What if the Earth, full of wisdom of the world, seeing everything that has happened since time began, would speak to us. But also, what if we don't listen to it? Would it be of any use to us still?

If the earth could speak and tell us truth, would we, as humans, even listen to it? Do we choose our own truth and believe only in what we want to believe in? Do we try to seek what life is and understand it? Or do we make life the way we want it to be -- our own rules, our own ways, our own wants?

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