Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unveiling of Next Week

My Saturday night is a really exciting night. I'm excited about a lot of things. I'm anxious about a lot of stuff. And those things I'm thinking about (that makes me excited/anxious) will mostly happen in the coming week. ;-)

Starting tomorrow, I'll be busy, but I'm very excited about it. My Thesis Defense is scheduled on Monday. I'm supposed to prepare for an overnight. I might also be assigned to print "Demo Kits" for our thesis defense. I don't wanna forget that I should bring with me some scratch papers to use for the test-printing of our system. Another thing is I'll bring all my "appliances" (cables, internet, etc.). I hope my group mate does not forget his printer. Then, after preparing for an overnight (my attire should be ready, presentation materials, clothes, etc.), when I get to my group mate's house, we'll be starting our rehearsal. I plan for us to review our document very well, but to also focus on the flow of our presentation.

This is my last defense ever for my undergraduate degree. Talk about happiness and excitement! I'm about to end a phase of my life. ;-) After that, I'm totally free!

Next week, Tuesday, I might meet with my former professor, now turned IT professional. Hahaha. A group date (with two other friends in college). After that, I might go to school, then accompany my best buddy, and have an overnight at their place (for the 3rd consecutive time)! ;-)

I'm also planning to clean up my room next week, because I never really had the chance to do so. Our house helpers are not doing the deed that right lately. Maybe I can rearrange my stuff myself. :-)

And how about some physical activities? I have a planned jogging exercise at my college's sports center. I'm looking forward to it! I also want to try swimming with my thesis mates once our defense is over.

So, here's a good night! :-D

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