Saturday, April 28, 2012

Envy is Evil.

Envy is evil. We all are aware of that. Even if one does not believe that it is anymore. But why is it evil?

I've put a lot of thought in this, and probably feel convinced enough to the gut that another word about it feels like it won't do much more. At least for myself. But let me pour out anything I think about why it is indeed evil.

Endlessly thinking of how another person will always have something that you'll never have. This ceaseless observation that would lead to longings to have (lust), to covet (if applicable), to destroy (one's self, or the other). And the list never ends.

And, there's also the instance of trying to please others, and "improve" and "beautify" ourselves just to get to the point of getting the object of our envy's attention. And what's next? We forget to love ourselves, to give importance to what we have; and everyone does have a lot, we're just too blind to see it.

Alas, we can't be blamed for being feeble. We are only human. But that's what we need sheds of truth for -- to remind us of who we are, and what we can be, no matter our current state. Life is not easy. That is why there is always the temptation of envy. We always have a choice. We can always fight. Doesn't guarantee winning every time, but there will be "wins" if we at least try all the time to make a right decision. And there is also HOPE. Without it, without a reason to live, without love for ourselves, without any glimpse or expectation for something good to look to in the future, what do we have?

Self love. I'm not sure about the others who have no problem with this, and I cannot speak for them certainly. But I believe a lot of people are suffering from this. I must emphasize that we must teach ourselves, or at least learn, to love ourselves. This will banish the illusions of envy -- of the things it asks us to do to "quench", just for a short while, its tingle.

Lastly, I can't help but say how much LOVE indeed is the ultimate solution. And I'm not talking about our misconception of "love" that is either lesser, or more than, the required amount that it misses the target. I'm talking about the right kind, the pure type of love, that is so hot it melts away everything evil, in the end showing gleaming gold like in a furnace.

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