Sunday, October 13, 2013

Samaritan Heroics

Last Friday, around 2AM, I was on my way back to our place in Vito Cruz, Taft, and something you don't see a lot happened.

I just got past the LRT station when a vehicle was driving against the traffic, which ihit a car, and eventually tumbled over, crushing the driver beneath it. He slowly pushed back up his tricycle. Someone then wordlessly ran towards him, and that's when the driver moved quickly, and ran very fast away from the scene, leaving his vehicle behind.

It turns out the one who got there, was a Korean, who was chasing the guy with a huge white cellphone hugged tightly in his chest. A snatcher. The Korean stopped chasing because he looked wounded. He was barefoot and he broke his slippers. I approached him and offered help. He was alone and the onlookers wouldn't even help even though they were asking where the snatcher was. I kept on telling them where he was but they just stared and walked away shortly.

The Korean guy told me he hated it here in the Philippines because of things like that, but he was thankful for people like me. He kept on thanking me.

Anyway, he was wondering whether I could help him call the police. I was just hesitant to leave him there since the snatcher might come back for the tricycle he left behind. I saw the snatcher was still a bit near the place, but probably still wondering how he could get his trike back. I saw a patrol jeep at Vito Cruz that luckily stopped due to the red light. I called their attention and that's when the formalities started.

A first time for me. :-)

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