Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Comment About Tracy Borres [Hate] Posts

I've read this several months ago. Tracy was wrong. Done. Aside from that, I think that people who can only see the wrong of Tracy and who can only point their fingers at her are somewhat mistaken about the notion of good and evil.

We all make mistakes. If people could only see how their own wrongs are no different to Tracy's -- well, it's just their luck for being spared of the shame that Tracy has gone to. But, it's the other way around. We all make mistakes but only a few of us go through such a dark point of shame and judgment by others. The rest who don't have the deceiving luxury of being free from criticism. Thus, they stay the same. The wrong inside remains and they leave their stations like nothing happened -- like they're invincible and they're perfect.

We are all the same. People who do wrong, are put to shame and are downcast, and later realize and admit their mistakes are essentially in a more fortunate situation than people who can only see the wrongs of others and not their selves'.

The moment I've read an article about her in my email (sent through groups), I got curious about what the fuzz was about. I read her blog with curious intent. It was really controversial. I read on, but I was looking for something more. Maybe I just wanted to understand what's written. But, aside from that, I also wanted to understand Tracy more than what she had written. Let's say that I'm not just comfortable with prejudging paradigms and shallow understanding that people usually do.

People who can readily judge others are the ones who haven't really seen deeper into their selves and their mistakes. That is difficult because pointing fingers at others gets harder when we possess more things to be pointed out at than they do. The lesson is, before we again talk about the mistakes of others, let's just make sure first that we have nothing to be pointed at. That way, we lose more and more reasons to hate others. The more we do, we have more and more space in hearts to give for love and understanding to occupy.

A new hope and a second chance for the Tracy in all of us... ;)

Note: Aside from my above-written comment/reply to Tracy Borres hate posts, I made another one below.

GET OVER IT (my pen name) says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Get over this, people! You’re out-dated. You’re fighting over a fight that is long [fought and] over. There are more things in this world that we need to worry about.

The simple fact that you might (only probably MIGHT) have a better reaction than she does is enough for you to stop blabbing and minding other people’s business.

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