Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have a lot of fixing to do...

I have a lot of fixing to do tonight; and even tomorrow, I'll still have a lot to patch up about my life. From my desolate multiply site, even the ruinous Friendster, to even things that are better left unsaid or kept to myself.

The physical and the superficial reflect the shadows of the deep things anyway, don't they? I guess that this is just some sign that I am in need of picking up the pieces and mounds of litters that I have created behind me, those that I have tried forgetting. I'll have to face them all in the end and clean them up if not be consumed by them. But, the latter option wouldn't be fit for me to do. I was born to end up doing the right thing and not to end up falling, I believe.

Falling is just a part of the journey of learning. It happens until your eyes fully open.

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