Friday, April 16, 2010

Achievements of #42 Papin Imelda for Senator

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I didn't expect that she's got these credentials. Well, this is an interesting one. :)


Vote #42 Papin Imelda for Senator

- First Female Elected and Re-elected Vice Governor of Camarines Sur (1998-2004)
- Most Outstanding Vice Governor in the Philippines (1999)
- First Vice Governor that brought Mobile Dental Clinic to the Philippines from Queensland, Australia
- Brought Mobile Medical Van ( Mini Hospital w/ Bed) through her own efforts
- Scholarship Grants to more than 1,000 students
- Championed Women's Rights and Concerns
- Helped and Protected Abused OFWs
- Free Dialysis Treatment for the Poor
- Supplemental Milk-Feeding Program for more than 3000,000 Malnourished Children
- Construction of School Buildings in every Municipality
- Building of Integrated People's Centers in every Municipality for the usage of the youth, senior citizens and the women sector
- Protector of the Oppressed and Disadvantaged
- Promoted Cultural and Artistic Activities
- Spearheaded Environmental Awareness and Ecological Preservation Projects
- Legal Assistance to Prisoners
- Sagip Buhay Program (Support for Typhoon and Volcanic Eruption Victims)
- Disaster Relief Programs
- Only Filipino who hosted a telethon show in America for the purpose of raising funds for Mt. Pinatubo Victims through the auspices of the International Red Cross
- Held First Gay Olympics to recognize the contribution of the gay Community in Nation Building
- Assisted the Elderly Citizens and the Disabled
- Peace Mediator and Conflict Resolver


The United States Government recognized her exemplary talent as Philippine Ambassadress of Goodwill and Support to the Filipino-American Communities through the following awards:

Honorable Harry Reid Senatorial Certificate of Commemoration
Honorable John Ensign Senatorial Certificate of Commemoration
Honorable Shelley Berkley Congressional Recognition
Governor Jim Gibbons Certificate of Recognition

The 9 Immediate Programs of the Imelda Papin Agenda Towards Peace, Progress and Prosperity

1. Declaration of "National Unity and Reconciliation Day"

2. Provide a copy of the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines to every Filipino Family as part of People Empowerment and Participation to know their basic Rights and Privileges & establishment of I.A.P Centers (Information Assistance for the People).

3. Enact a Rescue Bill as an Immediate Response to Poverty and Hunger through "One (1) Employment for Every Family" with a combined efforts of the Government and Private Sector.

4. Declare the "Philippines as the "Eco-Tourist Destination in Asia" and as the "Quality Entertainment of Asia".

5. Establishment of State Colleges, Vocational Training Schools in every Municipality and Availment of the Educational Loans payable within 5-10 years upon Employment.

6. Immediate Assistance Program (IAP) to OFW's by putting "Help Desks" in every Municipality.

7. Additional Hospital Benefits to Senior Citizens at the age of 60 an additional of 20,000 at age of 70 an additional of 30,000 and at the age of 80 an additional of 50,000.

8. Creation of national Women Cooperative with or without Collateral for their Self-Reliance and Empowerment.

9. Establishment of Government Hospital with complete Facilities in every Municipality.

Transparency is the name of the game.
Kung walang transparency mag iisip magnakaw ang mga nasa posisyon sa gitna ng paghihirap ng Pilipinas at ng mga mamamayan nito.
Free access to public documents, ensures transparency in the government.
Dapat itong masabatas kung talagang seryoso ang gobyerno na puksain ang corruption. Sino bang napuperwisyo kundi tayong nagbabayad ng buwis.....Ok lang magbayad ng buwis basta nakikita natin na umuunlad ang bansang pilipinas. (Vote #42 Papin Imelda for Senator)

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