Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Question that I want to ask the Philippine Government

Right now, I was actually reading "Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire". But before I could go on with the rest of the chapter I was at, I suddenly had this question pop out loudly off my mind; I actually have already been thinking of it for ages, with various degrees of intensity in my head: What kind of work/job do or can High School/Non-College Graduates have (referring to either those that has started or haven't started college)?

With that question, I wonder if the Philippines can be able to house citizens who have graduated from High School, and still give them hope and assurance of work? Is a college degree really that necessary to have a future, even just decent food to the table, including some bills and monthly rents? Is it possible in the Philippine society to cater to high school Filipino graduates by allowing them to have decent jobs?

There are people who have graduated from high school and haven't started college; and most of them are losing hope in life. Various circumstances surround them, which are the reason for not being able to finish (or even start) college. And, most to their grim, that is the start of a fading hope.

I wish for the Philippine government to be able to create a kind of society that would allow a just-enough opportunity for these people, whom I believe comprise a big sum of the Philippine's population. I believe it that for them, finishing high school is already an achievement, and entering college a big hurdle. But, I also wish that we, the society, I believe a basic unit or part of the Philippine gov't, can be able to give something back to them as a reward for having achieved something, which is a high school education.

High school education is not a joke; it is not worthless. I hope we can give it its proper due, and recognize it for its true worth. I hope we can be a pool of possibilities for people who finished their high school education. And, in return, that empowerment will be their hope -- a hope that will uplift majority of the Philippine's society.

I, a Filipino citizen, highly blessed to have graduated from college just recently, dream of being one of the people who caused change, a transformation, to our society. I envision seeing our land having just enough jobs for our countrymen, even those who only had a high school education. I hope that the work of my hands, that which I will be doing in the near future, can be a brick that would build up a shelter for these people, one that will help them help themselves. Be it an educator, an entrepreneur, a business-owner, a public servant, or a mere citizen, I wish to help in any way I can.

Hoping not to end in wishful thinking,

Hew "Luke Quaint" Miggoid


Are there good benchmarks we can follow to create jobs for our countrymen? Have we really been that proactive in transforming the labor system in the Philippines?

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  1. There is really an opportunity for high school graduates. Somehow, what makes others not really hope is because of how the government doesn't really prioritize the people the right way. I cannot fully blame the government for the decreasing hope, but, somehow they are responsible to jumpstart the citizens to give hope to each individual.


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