Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Return (The Moment Of)

It was in an unexpected situation when I saw you.
An unpleasant place where we met.

I see you're quite brand new.
With that dazzling new look, clothes, and cut.

As your appearance have changed, so has your name.
There's just so much time has done on you.

Your gaze is sharp and still and fixed.
Your face looking moist, soft, and smooth.

And I stand beholding your countenance.
I still see the innocence in your eyes.

Behind your eyes, your mind thinks there's no return.
There is no hope, only good bye to who you were.

Your dreams, your good ambitions, they have disappeared.
All you think is left are your mistakes in front of you.

You tighten your grip for fear of your past, while your future looks bleak.
The only hope left for you is a bitter end.

Oh how I wish I could tell you, "do not fear".
How I yearn to restore your faith in life, and in yourself.

These magic words are enough to bring you back your life.
Words we all long for, much particularly words of love.

I hope in the end, may love, like light, finally find us from our being lost.
At last, we'll have our lives back.


Have we ever met someone we knew before, who was really close to us? Only to know that person has changed so much? And, that "change", isn't so "good"? And have we ever wondered why they have changed "that way"? And is there any way to "get them back"? Those are the questions that filled the lines and letters of this poem. I hope you find a deep connection with it as I have.

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