Sunday, July 1, 2007

Assets and Liabilities~~

I've learned a lot about financial education. I have realized what Assets and Liabilities are. I have moved out from the thought that they're just boring subjects in accounting. Now I know how IMPORTANT they are.

I began reading this book entitled "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", written by Robert Kiyosaki, a rich Entrepreneur, Investor and Educator. He really have given a big amount of knowledge input to my mind.

With what I've learned about assets and liabilities, I saw it's relation in real life, not just the business and financial world. It's just the same as valuing people, and valuing what's inside rather than the outside beauty of a matter. Also, valuing the more important but seemingly 'boring' things in life, rather than the 'passing pleasures' in this world.

I have also learned a lot with decision-making, related with speculating a matter if it is a good choice or not. Though, in our Christian life, speculation is not always the appropriate practice because even if something doesn't seem too good, or seems hopeless, God does a big miracle, like He always does.

It has a big scope in our lives, everything seems connected in life, like how I saw a connection with this one.

I'll write a review about the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" after this, and the game "CASHFLOW".


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