Monday, July 2, 2007

knowing ain't enough

knowing ain't enough. it is only a step to renewal, just a step to change. in other situations, knowing only hurts and only burdens.

there are a lot of things going on inside my head. there are a lot of things in life that i learn and have learned. they're very helpful and reflect the truth, but still nothing [or a lot does not] happen[s]. it just implies that knowing isn't enough.

life is very complicated, too complex for instant change. even God teaches the value of time in his ways. knowing isn't an assurance of instantaneous change, and if not, change itself.

we shouldn't overlook the more important things, the goodier things. we don't really see a lot of times which things are for us, which things that are best for us instead of what we want.

it is the end of the day, this is what i have come to reflect with.

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