Tuesday, July 3, 2007

who you are

i just ask and pray
that may you be who you really are
a man of wealth, a man of hope
a man unwaivering in faith
a man that would never go astray
and would fight all the way

so that at the end of the line
you would know and see clearly
who you really are
a man filled with ecstacy
filled with all skill and ability
and would never again doubt in yourself

so that i, too would never doubt
cos even if i see i choose to fight
the things that push me
i'd share the fight, i'd be a true friend
so that you'd know that i, too, believe
in the same faith and hope that is in your heart

await the feeling of heaven
until it is fully revealed
and it is no longer imagination
and it is reality, in ur heart has filled
and you see a thing in this world no more
and your faith is fully grown

once again i call out
be the man that you really are
and may you never doubt
and i, too, would never doubt
with nothing in return
just for you to be who you really are

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