Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little Something in Return

People often ignore the tiny but sincere efforts of people around them. They are taken for granted. What if the time comes that these hearty deeds become rare to find? What are you going to do?

Anyway, it's not good to think of it that way. I believe that we should start apreciating the things that others do, be it little or big. That way, we encourage them to go on doing what they do. It's a good thing to make people want to do more good for others than want to do harm because they feel they're not appreciated in the good that they do.

Here are several passages that I've made about appreciating the things that people around us do. They might be rich or poor, strangers or friends, or anybody. The thing is, they helped from their hearts.

In the very little things
To the greatest of deeds
Do I ever gain anything?
Or at least sow seeds?

In my deep concern
And my sincere efforts
Have I obtained nothing?
Are my works of worth?

A man helps a stranger
Not expecting any gain
Even with nothing he tries
Whether there be pain

The suffering move
Their strength they use
Yet we fail to appreciate
Their efforts we abuse

People do good
Yet they are unsure
Shall they be left clueless?
Is there something in store?

A little credit is what it's worth
A little praise and bare concern
A little thank you, do not forget
A little something in return

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