Friday, August 8, 2008

WANTED: Righteous Leaders

WANTED: Righteous Leaders.

REWARD: The beginning of a lifetime of relief and more underlying treasures.

WARNING: If found, report immediately!

Don't think twice in reporting now!

We need these kind of leaders. From the micro-level of daily living to the bigger picture of public governance, we are in great need. However, I don't think that they're merely 'born' as one. I believe that these people are formed. That is where I want to focus on.

Yes, we are in dire need of righteous leaders. We don't really need blameless leaders. Not now. We just need leaders who, in their lifetime of mistakes, have learned from them. We need leaders who are willing to go through the right amount of training. Those who are strong enough to pass from the offer of an immediate chance of success in exchange of integrity.

They're here and I believe it. I just hope that one day, they'll come together and start a foundation strong enough to hold off the present evil wiles, and draw the nation upwards at the same time.

I am a concerned citizen. I don't want to hate living here in the Philippines while I'm growing up. I don't want to change my way of thinking on how much I respect the beauty of my nation. However, if the answer is leaving the pasture that I am in right now to learn more from beyond the horizons, I would be willing to take that kind of path.

I wanna be on a side where I'm not inside and trapped, waiting for somebody to come. Also, not on the outside and not caring at all at what happens, seeing what's happening to my motherland to only look in disgrace and relief for I am out of it. I want to be both inside and out to learn everything I need to and see everything that needs to be seen.

If we see it, the ones who have the most potential to lead are the ones privileged enough to receive handy training from the inside and out [our land], except for an exceptional few. If there are opportunities outside waiting for us to hand-pick them like ripened fruits, why not take them? This is a state of no longer being bound by traditional thinking.

Again, I am opening an invitation to all those who believe that they have leaders inside who are willing enough to be formed as righteous ones. I am waiting for people who are willing to give a part of their life for the good of others. I wish to soon find individuals who are willing to give up their individuality to unite for a common goal. A goal that entails laying down selfish pride and gain to lift the pain of others around them.

The time is at hand that people no longer rely on immediate solutions. The time of bloom is near where the real answers to our crying bellies are no longer hidden from the public eye. This is fruitful leadership. This is service.

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