Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Ordinary Love

As long as it's just ordinary love
As long as we don't learn
As long as we remain
Who we are, just the same

There won't be real love
And we miss a lot
We miss the chance to have
That life-long kind of love

Let's not let it hurt
Till we start to learn
Let's not be this dumb
Till we grow the same, just as numb

Let's love right
Let's learn from [t]His life
So that in the end
We know how it feels like

Let us not love
With [just] an Ordinary love

You won't find it in me
Nor in the way that you love me
It's no different than ordinary love
But His' is not the same

You won't find it this way
That you've done the same before
It's a different experience everyday
Like nothing ever dared compare

It's not just in the streets
Nor could you find it here
But It will find you there
Only have you wait

Take your time to learn
Your precious time to wait
You still have a lot in life to know
Let it teach you, let it grow

Till it find you there
After searching everywhere
To rest itself again
In a room you've left to spare

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