Friday, September 7, 2007

Fix Me

I thought I could get over you
But I'm still crying
Looking back over the times
That we were in the best terms ever

It can't stop till I get the answers
To the questions I ask all day long
And the reason why
All of this is happening

But yet I believe
It won't end that way
Or at least it's not the last of it
And that things would get fixed anyway

Fix me, please help me
I pray may You give me more strength
And when I can't do it anymore
Please take over

Cos I know and I believe
That it won't end that way
In you I'll have my last breath
And You'll carry me onto tomorrow

Let me see the sunshine again
Bright on my face
That light rejuvinating my inside
And has given my soul new life

This is goodbye
And hi at the same time

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