Saturday, September 29, 2007


Jesus, I don't know what to do
Nor know where I should go
For I am trapped alone
And I am cornered in this shore

I am responsible for this
And I'm to be blamed
I simply cannot boast
Of anything I did

I knew then but I still
Went on turning my ear
But now I am aware
I'm sorry I've [gone] astray

Save me, Jesus, here
From this mess I'm in
This mess I've done and
This mess that I can't clean

You have that flow alone
Of living well I need
To cleanse me, my whole soul
And quench my thirst and fear

Save me, Jesus, cos I can't
When I've sunk in this puzzle's wave
And have nothing left to say
But Jesus, Your name that saves

But You can wash it all away
You can make me new again
You've that power in Your name
When You died and rose again

I call out again
Hoping and not failing
To believe I am
Already answered as I pray

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