Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back in Your Arms

I have now come back
To the original arms of love
Where You have found I
In a night filled with stars

I've fallen back again
And I will ever be
Till I return to where
I belong, where I don't fear (It's unto thee)

And I have realized
That I am always wrong
If I try to run away
Cos in Your arm's where I belong

I am glad that though
I've fallen this much low
It's in you I've land
And I am on safe ground

I've known this always
In Your arm's where I am safe
And I am much more sure
That It'll be my resting place

It will never really end
How bad I want to say
For I am in deep awe
In Your arm's where I belong

Knowing this one thing
That if I ever dream
In my nightmare you'd be there
And rescue me again

It's the safest arms that I
Have ever known and is
But, though I am afar
It's in You I'll still belong

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