Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Centerstage (an Explosive event!)

This is definitely one of the nice events that De La Salle University - Dasmariñas hosted. Galing talaga. We're on track and we still have a lot to learn. :)

I really enjoyed the night and the "sights" (you'd know what I'm saying if you were there too, haha, lol!) and the sounds. But, much better of the two is the "sights" pa din. Ahaha. :p Too bad, la ako camera to capture those "sights" that I so gladly talk about! :p

Galing ng mga dancers, start pa lang sa Pointes (na first time ko napanood ng Live Performance, galing nila!) at ang Lasallian Pop Band na umaarangkada din naman sa galing. But (yep, there is a but!!!), I've seen way much better. Hehe. Was good, but there was just indeniably so much better. Hehe. (Remember Jessica? The, like, 10-year old ata kiddo?, haha! Hands down pa din). Pero, still, worth it pa din naman yung show, and they all did good or greatto. :p

The singers and contestants were great. I appreciate it that, though, some performed with pitchy, scratchy and nervous voices, they were there and they had fun. Uh, nope. I need to correct that. They entertained us, aside from they just having fun up there.

To share na din sa inyo, I was a bit privileged to be able to seat near the stage for a cheaper price. Tapos may connections pa sa events spearheaders (CIH, galing ng event na ito!!! Bwahaha, draculan/evil-laughter para sa kanilang nang-ahas na hindi umattend at sinayang ang pagkakataong makapunta sa isang hindi maikukumparang event na tulad nito!!! Bwahaha ulit! Hehe. Lol.), which made me really lucky, or I'd rather say, blessed.

The dancers were much more entertaining than the singers, for me. Kasi ndi ko kaya yun eh. All of your senses will be involved while watching eh. You're skin tingles, hair stands, heart beats with the strong bass-beat, and your eyes feast on that wonderful and gracious movements in front (not to mention your ear's subtle amusement of the sounds going with the beat). Spectacular. Swerte talaga malapit yung place na naupuan ko! Thank you ate Karen, President of CIHSC and iba pa!!! Thank you for allowing me to seat with you sa row na yun! :p

Everything was nice. Almost perfect. Perfectly human, that is! Perfect enough for us, forerunners, sa ganitong event. A bit blurry vision from the emcee, a bit pitchy voice of a nervous singer, and so on and so on. But everything still failed not to be perfect. :)

This one is really nice. Dami ko din natutunan sa event na 'to. In the middle of the event, of the show, I had the chance to reflect that my being there is different and was actually a blessing. I enjoyed the time instead of being the same old Matthew who used to do boring and repetitive things, learning just another extension of what I already know. Haha.

Uh-oh, right now my head is beginning to feel light and dizzy na. Haha. Hilo at antok nako. Wait! Di pa pala ako nakakapag-dinner!

As I finish out this blog, I just have a few words to say: "don't tell me you want out of this, don't say goodbye this can't be it cos it's not worth it!" (Note: yan po ang exactong lines ng kantang pinakikinggan ko right now, hahaha. :p) Geh, see you (myself around in the mirror? wahaha!) :p



Kuya Gelo, hehehe... Yep, ganda nga. Hahaha. Kuya Abet, mainit na labanan! Hahaha. :) Galing nilang lahat! ;)

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