Monday, February 11, 2008


You promise me
That you won't do this anymore
You go and tell me
That all this, no more

Take it from this moment
When you're strong
Say it from the heart
Cos this won't last long

You promise me
With words that bind us
You go and tell me
That no one will stop us

You gotta be strong
Cos I draw my breath from you
We won't stay here this long
Cos we have our rescue

Now prepare
Cos you will fly
Don't ever stare
Behind to the lies

Let's run away
While their eyes are still at slumber
I'm not gonna stay
Cos my home is out there

Promise me again
Hold my hand and say
Tell me under the rain
That [forever] you'll stay this way

Simple notes: Capture the moment, say your promise. You're strong for some reason -- and that is for you to use it. We're not always strong, yet we're not always weak. Take the chance you get that you're at your best. It is a gift, it is grace.

Even if life's not all perfect, at least you've done the most of what can be done at times when you can do something...

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