Saturday, February 9, 2008

(Ode to) The Blind

I sit and talk a little
There is silence in my eyes
I walk and feel a lot
There is darkness all around

I never knew what I
Look like and [how I] appear to be
I'd love to enjoy colors too
Yet I just wasn't gifted to see

But deep inside I know
That I am blessed beyond my sight
My world's a little different yet
I've more of what others do not

It has never been comfortable
To accept my uncommon state
Still it ain't hard to see
The gift ingrained inside

I know I might be blind
But care to see much more
This is just a physical state
Much lesser than the real

I have a lot inside
Sees things that not all see
And now I thank [my] God
Who wonderf'lly formed me

My notes:

I had this in mind when I once was in a jeepney boarded with a number of blind men and women.

One evening, as I entered the crowded jeep, I signaled to a man to please move for a little space. I asked the two ladies beside him to move a little too. When the jeepney's engine finally started, only then did I realize that the man who seemed to ignore me when I signalled him was a blind man. I also noticed that there was not only one, but several blind individuals there. With that in mind, I began to forget the change that I was supposed to recieve. But, it was too late...

There I tried to formulate something for these blind men and women around me. I felt something different for them -- their blessedness even in their state. Even though they're different, they have something that we, people who have the gift of sight, do not.

Hope you like it! :)

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