Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Am I Made a Liar?

It's hard when you're the only witness
To a fault that somebody committed
Nobody else knows and yet they conclude
They've seen nothing yet they intrude

It's difficult when they talk and mock
Like you're being pushed against a rock
You don't know wether you should even fight
Or let them harm you though it ain't right

It turns out to be, I'm the villain
The tables turned, my hands bear stain
It can't be avoided, I'm the star
I ask then, "am I made a liar?"

But sometimes you just gotta talk
You're strong and you've feet to walk
It need not be a battle
Just to state your case is all that matters

Let's all accept that we do get angry
So it is, let's not prolong the story
Right the things that we could right
Forgive, forget, then you'll feel light

Noteys: hehe... Unfair kasi eh... At last, nasabi ko na din! Kasi, parang one-sided story talaga. You gotta defend yourself talaga at times when you need to. Simply clarify things. Tapos. Minsan we just get angry, we're just human. Pero, forgive pa rin, correct what can be corrected, and forget. :) Hehe...

But, I really had a question na "am I made a liar because they said so?" Parang it's like you'd just want to believe what they're saying against you even if it ain't true and lose na lang? It's not about losing anyway. It's about justice. :( parang wala nang justice so you just agree with the situation na lang ba? Pero, if you speak up, it's not always the best thing to do in every case. Depende pa rin yan. There are times that you just need to keep quiet. Mas okay pa rin if you're the type of person who can keep it all up inside. Hehe. Hmmmm, ma-try kaya next time? Pero regarding the things that you should say, never hesitate. As long as with respect and integrity. Hehe. I've learned a lot from the experience.

God bless! :)

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