Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dead

As I reflected on who I am, a thought entered me. I felt deep silence despite the noise and the music playing on my ears. It seems like my eyes flew that I suddenly looked through the eyes of the dead. The dead are to be envied. They are able to enjoy silence, peace, and bliss as they leave this life. They are no more yet they are not affected.

The following passages are results of that meditated thought.

The peaceful. The undisturbed.
The unhurt. The pacified.
The silent. The arbitrer.
The conscious no more. The dead.

The rested. The sound slumber.
The careless. The unbiased.
The frozen. The withdrawn soul.
The one fortunate. The dead.

The first bid. The precedent.
The ended. The immediate.
The goodbye. The departure.
The sole-forsaker. The dead.

The at-hand. The coming soon.
The certain. The imminent.
The horror. The apprehend.
The last catch of breath. The dead.

The repeat. The new reborn.
The juncture. The intertwined.
The raptured. The paradised.
The non-suffering. The dead.

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