Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Stand of Controversy

I guess that this is the best place to place my stand although I am entitled to the right of expressing my concerns regarding school. I'm not really against the USG itself. It's just that I'm against the particular issues about it that were discussed (although not that much because the publicity focused on its positive sides alone) about the USG (Link:

Here's my stand on the USG, particularly based on the link above although in a different format:

It doesn't balance the boat. There was no enlightenment at all. There were just vague claims and defenses that lead to the path of nowhere except violence, force, and complications, and not of peace, bliss, nor productive governance (or more correctly, service).

Too much emphasis on the USG being the ideal student government structure has already been made to the point that there is only blind and forced obedience, making it appear as if the USG is all that seems best with all the beautiful words without even enough supporting data to prove the claims. All the flowery descriptions about the USG, on their own, aren’t EVER enough. Many students even vote for it without full knowledge of what it's really all about. It is even a torture to the student body that the Student Council demanded the students to vote on the USG without even enough effort of informing them of what the USG really is in a way that it’s not a sensationalized commercial or TV ad. There were just, in my knowledge and in my enthusiastic efforts of updating myself about it, some late multiply posts, vague yahoogroup threads, and some minor publicity stunts promoting it. I will always remember how my Philosophy professor always told us how the ad that “Papaya and Calamansi makes you whiter as it was said by Juday in her beauty-soap advertisement” was a deception. It was said that “Papaya makes you whiter, and Calamansi too – how much more, then, would the effect be if they are combined”. He, even of superior knowledge, insists nonchalantly about it being invalid. Much is the same to the USG.

Going about with just saying that the LA reps have devoted a few months in studying the USG doesn't mean that it's all polished up. We can wait all time for a useless meeting and not be able to come up at anything. Time is never a basis. Data and valid information is. In the world of research that we are in today, to say that something is factual requires real and concerete supporting evidences. Without it, it will appear as if the claims are only cooked-up. Data and information is what matters most.

The real duty of the representatives that we have today is to SERVE and protect the students and their rights, and nobody else's selfish interest. Aren’t those the center of the campaigns? The representatives, too, must, at the least, be (the ones who are) able to present substantial, concrete, complete, and detailed information about the studies, researches, findings, and other related documents essential about the USG to the student body. I believe that what LA reps could best do to help and serve the student body (and not anybody else's selfish interests) is to present and report to the student body what they have so-called studied and deliberated about, and not babble about their own subjective opinions. We have those too.

It seems as if only the LA reps know the real deal about the USG. All these dark parts of the USG just make it appear like the representatives has their own hidden agendas protected by flowery fronts. There are many positive claims about the USG without even enough concrete data or evidence and examination presented to the student body. Some even claim that there is concrete evidence, but where are they? Now, how about the dark areas of USG? If the students do not know anything about them, that darkness will only, in the future, eat us. As the moral maxim says, "our mistakes can never be corrected by another set of mistakes". It appears as if we should only follow the things based on what others say, or more popularly, what “they” say. But, you see, as we all know that the students are involved, they need concrete data about the USG and what had happened in the few months of the so-called deliberations about the USG too. Presenting them to us will help a big bunch.

Also, not because the LA reps are the formal (the formalities) reps of the student bodies, they're the only ones entitled to the info discussed during the LA delibs, and to decision and opinion. We want and need that info too. We have minds to think with too. The student body isn’t a collection of stupid people. They have brains that work. They obviously can understand. If they couldn't so, the ones in the student council, being students too, would be, in no offense, stupid. We don't need "yayas" to feed us our meals anymore. They only need to prepare our food and we can do the eating on our own. Soon enough, we are on our way to preparing our own food, and with that, we can select what we want to eat. We also do not need anybody to tell us what beautiful is. Present a particular object, and with our own gift of perception, we can judge whether an object is beautiful or not. Believe us. We can.

The students deserve the real deal. The students deserve to know the real info -- the black, the white, and the gray parts too. All of the students have the right to credible information. That means that the information presented to them shouldn't be at all distorted, manipulated, or bent by any power. It is our right to know everything about the USG. Failure to do so is a violation of our student rights.

I hope that this illusion of balance be abolished and dispelled soon along with the surface of the truth. We cry out for real credible information (and not opinion). We cry out for our rights.

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