Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Stranger

We never knew forever
When we were joined together
We see beauty in the vain
We can only see the gain

We can never grow farther
Nor apart from each other
We stay along all the while
During the day we just smile

Feel each other's company
Cry but still in harmony
That's ever since when we've met
Except this eve when we've left

Tonight is way much diff'rent
For my world, my truth now bent
Was filled, like thirst with water
But now I'm blind, I stutter

Friendship, dear, I tagged you with
Still no sense, I empt'ly breathe
Now I wonder who you are
Cos here right now, you're so far

In my bed I ask myself
I check the books in the shelf
Yet I can't find the answer
To who you are, a stranger

Maybe now's not the right time
To dabble and to clean grime
But it goes down to one fact
We're found on ground too abstract

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