Saturday, September 25, 2010

SOCCOMP Notes last term

Now that the 3rd week of 2nd term is about to start, let me save my notes for 1st term's SOCCOMP:


Miss Pineda Blog:


The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Q&A

Facebook Panic Button:


- communities of practice (COP)

-> concept derived from online/virtual communities

-> communities extended online

-> sustain online practices

-> look into the level of COP

-> technology intervention is always present

- digital ethnography


What is Digital Ethnography?

- give a short introduction on "digital ethnography'

- introduce professor as subject of experiment

- recommend include a short profile of your professor

- move on to your interview with him/her

- transcript of interview will appear on the blog (word for word, verbatim), include date and time (at the header)

- use several medium

- full interview two forms: podcast, transcript

- video into different parts: a portion of teaching delivery

- digital ethnography:

- include CONCLUSION

- interview/podcast

- video -> teaching style

1. use of social media in capturing the teaching style/knowledge of professor

- relevance/implication of using social media to capture of CCS teaching history

- try to encapsulate what we're doing and put it in a podcast/social media

2. it would be interesting to hear what your professor has to say in your interview

- several aspects

a. data gathering

- basic things to consider when it comes to an interview

- was it easy/difficult?

b. what are the things/tools you have to use

c. what have you learned from/about your professor?

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