Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team Daniel vs. Team 4 Seasons?

What should we name our team for thesis? The past SYSDEVE term, we came up with two team names. The first team name was "Young Men", YM for short. A funny name! YMG = Young Men Group, or YM (sounds like Yahoo! Messenger). But, I came up with this because I wanted us to be named after the 4 young men during Daniel's (bible) time (himself included). Next is Ascend, because what I wanted is something that soars high. But it's too lacking in uniqueness. It doesn't really identify our group.

We only came up with them because a 'team name' was required. However, I didn't really 'feel' it got used throughout the term. Maybe, under Ma'am Tangkeko's classes utilized the group names, because I know she does in STRAMGT where she's my professor. :)

Okay, so here are my thoughts about my group that can be used as a basis for an epic group name:

1. We all are 'overdue' in college. We are all delayed. All of my groupmates (3 of us) are shiftees. Two came from CS-ST, one came from CS-CSE (or NE?). I'm a pure I.T student, (except it's Information Systems in DLSU-Manila). We all are pretty much in the same situation, and we want to graduate. Together, on "time", this time. By time, I'm talking about my expected term/time of graduation since I started 1st year again -- different curriculum "para daw organized".
2. We all have a degree of seriousness as compared to the batch with us. It's because we are generally older than the 108 batch (two 107s, two 106s). We also are generally seen as a 'serious' group. I hope that's true. :p
3. We are generally a balanced [I hope so :'( hehe] team. This in terms of different abilities. We share different skills, and most of them complement each other.
4. We all have this deep rootedness in the Christian faith. 3 of us are what you may call "born-again" christians, and Justin is a roman catholic, and is also very in-touch with his faith.

So, what's a good team name? I suggested to my STRAMGT group to take "The Apprentices" as the group name, because we didn't know each other very well (except them 3 109s, and us 2 108s). Practically, we were like renegades, and ready for a training like an 'apprentice'. And, also the show "The Apprentice" speaks of someone who succeeds eh. So that's what I saw.

Now for my team... is Team Destiny fine? How about Team Daniel? I have Daniel as a second given name anyway... we will see its use soon. :)

Hello next term, hello ma'am Tangkeko, hello learning. Hello step closer to graduation, and to success!


I edited this blog because I saw that I wrote 4 reasons... why not something like "4 Reasons, 4 Seasons"? Team 4 Seasons? Haha. Because we're 4 in the group, and we all are, I believe, seasoned ones. :)

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