Saturday, March 1, 2008

What movies (or whatever stuff) qualify as my favorite???

I don't have lots of friends, preferences, likes, and favourites. I don't necessarily have very best of friends (best friends), favourite colors, favorite dishes, and etcetera in particular. But, maybe, I do, yet I am just not aware.

Recently, (actually, you can say that it happens every moment) I've gone through some thinking and reflections about what my favourites are cos if you ask me what those might be, I'd give you blank. You'd bother me to pause a moment and think, and then realize that I do not know the answer. It would only force myself unto believing that I should have a "favourite something" like a color, and also force me to incline myself unto something. So, as a solution, I've been able to observe what I've been doing (and/or habits) and came up with the following thoughts...

First, I really like seafood. Yep, you heard right. I like those dishes, ulams that my mom used to cook when I was still little. In my younger years, I also realized, that I like the way my mom cooks. She's great and I actually miss her dishes cos the house-assists usually does that job today. I have also realized that I really want to learn how to cook because I saw how I appreciate muchly how good food cooked from the heart tastes -- satisfying and heart-filling.

Regarding movies, I can only say that a certain movie belongs to my favourites list if, in my mind, I wanna watch it again. I usually ignore the impulses and/or the thoughts in my head saying "I wanna see this movie again" or "what title was that movie? Cos I think I'm gonna watch it again and that it was great". I usually ignore those behaviour of mine. When I watch movies and I actually like it, I pay great attention to details. That's why I wanna go watching over and over again a movie that I like (although I do not have the means to do it, namely: time and such great drive or passion for movies). Great thing that I live in a time where REWIND and PAUSE has been invented, though.

I have just realized, too, that movies are actually masterpieces. I bother too much to find that "perfect" and "make-me-and-eye-feel-goody" feeling. I fail to see that set right before my eyes are actually hard-work of people of different feet and that if I could place myself in their position, I'd perfectly understand their sweat and sighs.

Much to my words, this blog is actually for a Movie that I have watched recently. That gave me the idea of what I want in a movie (thinking first of adding it to my favourites list on friendster, but, reminiscing and reflecting, knowing that in the future, I am certain that it would only be erased and be forgotten for I still haven't discovered how I choose my favourites and that there is still more to be seen and that perfect one will be the one -- perfectionism and my being reserved). I didn't make it to see the movie from the start. I began in the middle part of the movie that they were watching. I probably began watching it while I was having dinner because everyone was enjoying themselves with it. And, since the dining table was near the place where they were watching, I just joined in.

The movie I have just watched is "Juno", a delicate and intricate story that tells of a young girl named Juno who got pregnant -- and the kind of life that she has. I actually liked it and the different realities and ideas that it wonderfully and artistically showcased. I'm actually planning to write a review for it, but I don't think I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna wake up pretty early and catch up a seminar early morning in school that focuses on animation and etc. which the profs. will require daw for our thesis. Ayun. That's it. My blog ends here. :p

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